The global economy

Your brand is your starting point when gearing up for global recognition. However, a global brand strategy is complex to plan and challenging to execute successfully. Global success demands that a brand must be recognised and interpreted consistently, irrespective of country or culture. It’s needs to be accessible from anywhere in the world and it must resonate with the customer through shared values that are strengthened through day to day behaviour and communication. There are several enabling best practices that companies can invest in and develop to manage their brand globally, in order to fully participate in today’s global economy.

Cultural empathy

Empathy is a word we are seeing more often as consumers are increasingly evolving their brand loyalty and buying habits on a platform of empathy. Your brand must now translate seamlessly for both aesthetics and purpose across continent. Colours, logos, names, tone of voice, values and propositions must be multi-dimensional and flexible enough to use in the markets you are looking to develop. Detailed market research alongside meticulous feedback is a must-have for all brands, whether they are B2B or B2C. HSBC is one company that learnt this the hard way. Their “Assume Nothing” campaign when translated, instead of conveying the idea that the global bank made no assumptions about its customers, the translation of its slogan resulted, instead, in a meaning of “do nothing” in many languages. The bank ended up paying up to $10million to rebrand to the new slogan “The world’s local bank”. (Reference

If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you” David Brier

Enabling brand management technology

Leveraging technology is a crucial part of any global brand strategy. The emergence of brand management systems, often an extension of digital asset management, but with greater brand immersion and content management have fundamentally transformed how you can manage your brand. Providing easy access to your marketing supply chain from agencies and partners to employees and distributors, will ensure your brand is consistently represented across all countries and channels. Brand management software enables a localised voice, within the guidelines, ultimately influencing the customer through consistent experiences and enhanced brand recognition. To see how restaurant chain O’Learys successfully leveraged BrandMaster across their 130 restaurants in 15 markets, click here.

Have brand guardians

Often the pioneers of brand protection within an organisation, brand guardians maintain the integrity of the brand across country and communications.

They ensure:

  • Brand guidelines and social playbooks are accessible and always communicated and adhered to
  • Develop brand champions within the business from across departments
  • Ensure consistent representation of the brand, at a local level
  • Are accountable for the maintenance of brand management solutions

Brand guardians have become a pivotal force in effective brand management, as the complexity of “always on” campaigns and omni-directional marketing campaigns show no sign of slowing.

Having a brand management platform with everything in one place, is an essential demand for seamless organizational operations. Mikaela Bäckius, Project Manager Brand, O’Learys

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By Anil Noorani, Managing Partner, TKM Consultants