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Be brand consistent with online design templates

Make your design templates available for online creation for efficient and seamless workflows.

Let your organization design beautifully branded material anywhere in the world without compromising your brand and be brand consistent. Template Technology secures your brand with pre-made design templates with not design skills required.

Skap enhetlig merkevare med designmaler på nett

Gjør designmalene dine tilgjengelig for design på nett, for en mer effektiv og sømløs arbeidsflyt.

La organisasjonen din designe vakkert markedsmateriell hvor som helst i verden, uten at det går på kompromiss med merkevaren din og samtidig opprettholder en enhetlig merkevare. Template Technology sikrer merkevaren din med forhåndslagde designmaler som ikke stiller krav til designferdigheter.



Agency collaboration

Invite agencies to download or upload templates directly for seamless workflow.

Always updated

Avoid misunderstanding and use of outdated material with up to date templates.

Always available

Reduce e-mail requests and time zone challenges. Users will always have access.


Let your users see their designs online. What you see is what you get enables efficient and secure workflows without design skills.


Clear user interface guides your users through, ensuring they are provided with material requested.

Release resources

Reduce unnecessary workload by allowing your organization to design material locally.

Shorten time-to-market

Reduce intermediaries, your users will have their material at hand the moment they need it.


Allow yourself and your users reuse of templates for efficient and less time consuming workflow.

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