We are pleased to welcome Nemko Group, the worldwide institution for safety testing and approval of electrical equipment, to BrandMaster.


With BrandMaster, Nemko was looking to improve their external and internal communication flow as well as material distribution to ensure brand consistency worldwide. And most importantly, collect all digital assets in one place –

Damir Cvetojevic

Global Content Manager, Nemko Group

A known challenge for many marketing and communication teams, is distribution of correct branded material as well as having an organized and well-known platform for all digital assets.

This was also the case with Nemko. Their marketing and communication team was laboring with a significant amount of material being spread in various servers and folders hence making it difficult to locate files and if found, knowing whether it was the latest and approved file. As a result, material was instead created locally when needed as it seemed more efficient. Which resulted in inadequate brand management and lack of consistency.

With BrandMaster, Nemko will collect all digital assets in one place using the Media Bank. Digital assets consisting of brand assets, as well as pre-defined images for use and prepared PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, locally, there is also a need for prepared media collections that can easily be distributed to the correct recipient without any additional effort.

In addition, the BrandMaster solution will also be a one-stop entry for external and internal communication thus bringing together both branding, marketing and communication processes for their entire organization.

For Nemko, reducing wasted time on locating material and avoid local creations, as well as taking control of their brand, ensuring complete consistency and correct usage of all material anywhere in the world are priority one. So is bringing their organization toward a common origin for understanding their brand through proper internal communication channels.

Looking ahead with BrandMaster

With improved structure both in assets and with communication, Nemko will have a beneficial platform to expand further. The BrandMaster solution is expandable thus equipped to grow with Nemko’s future needs.

About Nemko

Nemko Group, is the worldwide institution for mandatory safety testing and national approval of electrical equipment and is a leading supplier of international certificates for electrical/electronic equipment.

Their head office is located in Oslo, Norway and subsidiaries and partners are located in more than 20 locations and 12 countries internationally. In total, Nemko counts more than 450 employees worldwide.

Nemko is responsible for ensuring that their customers comply with requirements anywhere in the world. Their services include pre-compliance, international approvals, product and system certifications as well as product testing.

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