Powerful dashboard by BrandMaster

Know where your marketing budget is spent

Meeting the increasing demands for progressive functionality and the markets need for detailed overview and control of system usage led BrandMaster to develop a high-levelled reporting tool.

This new feature from BrandMaster provides total transparency for all customers with immediate insight of system usage across their entire solution in an intelligble dashboard. View information in real-time or export reports for chosen intervals.

Immediately view activities in map view, get insight in how many times files have been downloaded and shared or what images are more popular. See user login and page views or even specific details on what different users are doing.

For the brand- and marketing managers administrating the BrandMaster solution, they are now able to adjust and custom their content and communication in accordance with usage to make sure they achieve the intended purpose. E.g. during a campaign where timing is crucial and it is a must knowing the performance in real-time in order to adjust accordingly.