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Brand Center, the CMS solution for presenting your brand, is now out with fresh and cool features

To keep our standing as a leading provider of marketing and brand management solutions, BrandMaster is continuously enriching our applications with new features. We are proud to present and share our newest Brand Center features.

New asset Collection Widget

It has never been easier to collect your digital assets with style. With our new Asset Collection Widget you can;

  • collect assets from multiple DAM libraries and lightboxes
  • change the order of the assets
  • select desired presentation mode
  • place assets in a container
  • work with background colors

New Anchor Component

Create anchor point triggers in your menu items for easy navigation of your page. Allow users to jump to any chapter or page section with a floating page overview.

Background image with color overlay

Design your online brand guidelines with style. Add color overlay from your color palette to your section background and create brand guidelines aligned with your identity style guide.

Customizable sections

Flexible space settings above and below your sections allow you to add sections and content with high grade of customization.

Customize font colors

Choose any color from your color palette to adjust your text to stand out from the background. Allows you to design your online brand guidelines aligned with your brand profile.