Create smart communication with your respondent and get in control

Campaign Manager has become even smarter enabling you to create localized commuinication to your respondents. We are also proud to present our cost element tags which will provide even more control and overview of your campaign and event planning.

The power of our multi-purpose Dataset application is now available in Campaign Manager.

The importance for creating tailored and relevant messages towards your audience is increasing along with the increasing amount of communication being sent out every day from vendors who are all trying to achieve the same; sell their products and services.

With BrandMasters Campaign Manager combined with with our new multi-purpose Dataset application this has never been easier. Let your users localize and customize their communication on multiple levels (employees, locations, products and more) by combining text and graphics for various purposes.


An international car company is executing a worldwide campaign where the offers included will vary from country to country, and the communication should be tailored to a sales representative at a local  dealership.

With our new and powerful Dataset application it is now possible to create one campaign, with all necessary customization and  localization possibilities, ensuring total control of communication sent, respondents opened and clicked and overall results of campaign in one view.


Localization is about being demographically and locally relevant and present. With our complete localization infrastructure our more advanced customers will be able to follow a stronger localization strategy. Localization opens many doors, and closes none — and since it has never been easier, there are no good reasons to not explore how it can be used to improve your message
Paul René Engejordet

Product Manager, BrandMaster

Full transparency on marketing campaign costs

And to top it all off, we are also presenting Cost Element tags which will provide a complete overview of your cost-spending in every campaign, event, seminar and more. The cost reports are presented dependent on your tags with the ability to filter on different levels.

Register marketing spending on your corresponding activities, tag them with keywords, and search for them in the overview. Visualize where you go over budget and where your marketing budget has been spent. It has never been easier to search and filter on multiple dimensions like Channel, Geography, Target Group, Campaign, Budget, Division, Product, etc.

Studies show that 20 to 50 % if of all marketing costs are incurred below the radar of marketing executives, often at regional or local level. It is really hard to keep track of what goes on with decentralized spending. With our new and flexible cost element tagging and search filters it is no longer necessary to be ignorant of how much your organization spend in various units, channels, agencies, initiatives, etc. With full and instant transparency on all levels, marketeers can make informed decisions when changes are necessary.
Paul René Engejordet

Product Manager, BrandMaster