We have the pleasure of welcoming Norbohus as a new customer.

Nordbohus - Navi enebolig

We are proud to announce that Nordbohus have chosen BrandMaster as their supplier of MRM (Marketing Resource Management).


Nordbohus is on of Norway’s largest house building companies. They sell architect-designed houses, ready made houses, cabins and garages as well as doing bigger housing projects. Sales and marketing takes place from local Nordbohus retailers, who also owns the retail chain. The company needed a system to gather, share, adjust and distribute marketing material such as ads, prospectuses, posters and signs.


BrandMaster MRM makes it easy for Nordbohus to run consistent marketing campaigns together with their retailers. Our unique template technology for Web-to-Print and Web-Ads makes it possible for Nordbohus to create ad-templates that can be adjusted for local needs without compromising the brand. Nordbohus retails can easily order marketing material from using Marketing Shop. Retailers also get their own area for storing local material.
With BrandMaster MRM they gain full control over marketing materials and campaigns on both central and local levels. We welcome Nordbohus as a new customer and look forward to a long and exciting cooperation.


  • One of Norway’s largest house building companies
  • Chain office in Trondheim, Norway
  • 65 retailers all over Norway
  • Nordbohus retailers own the retail chain