Marketing planning is still done by relying on third party tools to plan and coordinate their marketing campaigns. Tools created for tasks like scheduling meetings or making spreadsheets will never provide the same functionality and flexibility as a dedicated tool. With BrandMasters Campaign Manager marketers get the tools they need to efficiently create a market plan, coordinate, and execute marketing activities.

Even with a dedicated online tool it can be hard to ensure correct coordination of global and local marketing campaigns and activities across regions and departments. To help solve some of these challenges we are now introducing some great new features. Read more below or learn more about Campaign Manager here.

Global periods in Timeline and Gantt overview

Add Global periods to highlight periods across all campaigns and activities. Global periods can contain both name and description and can be clicked to highlight period in the calendar.

Add name and colour to Activity periods

Add name and colour to Activity periods to differentiate and highlight different periods of an activity.

Names of short periods are truncated in the main view but shown on mouseover.

Administrators can manage the Company colour-palette for Activity periods in settings. Ensuring only company specific colours are used.

Responsive time units in overview

Depending on number of months selected the overview automatically displays optimal level of details of time units like quarter, month, week, dates and weekdays.

Months, weeks and days can be highlighted in Timeline and Gantt view by mouseover and clicked for permanent highlight.