Brand HUB

Powerful online brand portal for easy brand management
Simplify your branding processes with brand asset management
Build your brand online with a brand portal
digital brand portal
seamless branding processes

There’s no simpler way to manage your brand

When everything’s together in one place, brand management is easy. Brand HUB is where your brand finds its voice, comes to life and turns practical. Discover how this brand asset management tool simplifies your branding processes.

Digital Asset Management

digital asset management software
Protect your digital assets
Protect your brand assets
digital asset management protects company valuables
Search for assets with ease

Protecting your company’s digital assets

It’s not worth taking any risks with digital assets. It’s important you’ve got a system that stores, shares and organizes all your media files centrally in one place. Here’s how our Digital Asset Management system let you go about it.

Template Studio

digital self-serviced templates
Self-serviced design templates
Smart self-serviced design templates
Online design creator
Tailor your brand within design template

Digital branded templates for DIY creatives

When you prepare your brand assets for self-service tailoring you need on-brand assurance. Template Studio delivers greater control without adding to your workload. Pre-designed digital templates allow anyone to be a designer without compromising your brand’s identity. This is how.

Marketing Shop

Distribute your brand assets with ease
Powerful brand asset distribution
Self-serviced shopping cart
Branded promtional items
Brand your give aways

Delivering the ultimate self-service, one-stop-shop

Life would be a lot simpler if supply, distribution and quality control of your brand assets could be managed from a single, central outlet. We’re pleased to say it can and, what’s more, everything for sale is exclusively on-brand.

Display Ads

Simple banner ads software
Self-serviced banner ad tool
Flexible display advert templates
Publish your display advertising with ease
Flexible banner formats

Effortless banner ad software

Banner advertising is a great way to put your brand in front of a receptive audience. With this intuitive tool, you’ve got everything you need to streamline the creation process and publish great ads. Discover how Display Ads transform your banner ad management.

Marketing Planner

Online marketing planner for team collaboration
Coordinate your marketing activities
Align your marketing teams with online planner
Create a transparent overview of your marketing activities and events
Get full overview of your market plans

Align your marketing teams and initiatives

Marketing collaboration and planning should not be underestimated. With Marketing Planner securing team alignment across borders, allowing local marketing initiatives to shine is easy. This is how you connect your efforts and stay in control of your marketing operations.


Integrate your digital asset management solution
Integrate your marketing planner
Integrate your PIM
Integrate digital publishing
Integrate brand management

Great brand management and much more

You can benefit from our partnerships with specialists in related disciplines including video, CMS and print. Seamless integration means it’s possible to extend your brand management requirements all from the same platform.

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