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Brand HUB was designed with busy marketers in mind – it delivers a complete digital brand asset management experience. Driven by powerful CMS technology, this online brand portal collects and saves your brand assets in a single central location and puts your brand identity in context. Never has it been easier to find what you need, share information and deliver your brand with confidence. With this resource, you can control and protect your brand, increasing its value to your company – Complete brand control at your fingertips.

Discover how Brand HUB is the perfect online brand portal tool that brings so much joy to branding operations.

The power of Brand HUB

Manage your brand strategy

The HUB is a powerful online portal designed to make brand management easy. It brings your brand strategy to life, creating an infrastructure from which you can maintain quality and consistency across all channels. Put these controls in place and your brand will have much greater impact.

Empower your brand identity

Your brand is your most valuable asset. However, it has more impact when everyone follows the brand identity rules. It’s all about brand recall and recognition. This is what resonates with clients and helps to differentiate you from competitors. Brand HUB enable seamless brand asset management by connecting your brand assets to the identity.

Make your brand practical

Putting your brand identity guidelines in context with your brand assets is nothing less than magic. Not only does it secure your brand recogntion, it also makes it easy for anyone to use your brand correct. This is the ultimate brand asset management workflow.

Secure efficient brand distribution

Busy marketers will appreciate the fact that the HUB eliminates many of the time-consuming tasks that make brand management a 24/7 challenge. Our brand portal saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on work that adds real brand value.

Protect your brand

Brand HUB minimizes the risk of inconsistency. As everything about your brand is available from a single location. Without loosing control of the brand output, the HUB enables self-service while setting the standards that define your brand.


Inline editing
CMS technology

Flexible CMS technology

With CMS at your fingertips, you have powerful online brand portal to present great digital content, create your own Brand Book and inspire others to follow your example.

Brand HUB - Widget technology
Report widget

Components and widgets

There’s a comprehensive library of useful components and widgets, all designed to improve the user experience and the quality of your brand presentation.

DAM integrations
Digital asset management integration

DAM integration

This feature allows marketers to select brand assets from the digital asset management library and incorporate them in Brand HUB. There’s an array of layout and download options, giving you the flexibility to put your stamp on the presentation.

Other Features

hero component

Hero component

Here’s a great opportunity to make a splash and give your hero image the attention it deserves – up front and centre. Better still if you use dynamic video content to catch the eye.

search component

Search component

We use advanced faceted navigation to help you find what you need quickly. By reducing the search options available, the order process becomes simpler and less stressful.

Brand selector

Brand selector

With our multi-instance architecture, you can establish as many Brand HUBS as you need. The process is seamless, using the Brand Selector function to switch between them.

annotation widget

Annotation widget

The inclusion of a clickable widget allows you to add explanatory text to an image, template or other content – a useful feature when sharing documents for comment and review.

editor component

Editor component

With this popular HUB feature, you’ll be able to create pages that are rich in content and share media assets with your colleagues.

section builder

Section builder

Brand HUB includes a versatile section builder module which gives you the flexibility to design page layouts and grids that maximize the impact of your content.

code library

Design system

We’ve applied proven atomic design principles to build an easy-to-use code library based around your fonts, CSS and reusable HTML components. With all this in place, consistency is guaranteed.

creating a brand home

Tiles component

Tiles are a popular feature of web pages. They’re used to highlight important content and also function as a call to action, inviting the user to access related content.

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How Brand HUB will elevate your brand

conect your brand guidelines with brand assets
Centralize Brand Identity Guidelines

Centralize Brand Identity Guidelines

Follow our advice. Create beautiful design guidelines, share them with your colleagues and make sure they buy into the brand. Do this and the consistency you’ve been searching for will be plain to see.

Centralize Brand Communications

Centralize Brand Communications

Trust your brand. Communicate with conviction through a single platform and reach out to customers, employees and stakeholders in a way they’ll recognize and appreciate.

Centralize Internal Branding

Centralize Internal Branding

Motivate your brand champions. It’s important to get your colleagues on board, so publish a Brand Book to explain what it’s all about and how the brand can elevate your business.

Centralize Brand Assets

Centralize Brand Assets

Connect your brand identity with your brand assets and establish a practial brand that is easy for everyone to understand.

bmw image
bmw image


Central marketing with local execution is key for BMW Nordic. Securing dynamic and efficient workflows, maintaining brand consistency while allowing local dealers to act locally. Everything neatly styled in one common brand management solution.

svea image
svea image


Staying ahead of digital marketing needs aspired Svea to fulfil digital transformation. From inefficiency and constantly falling behind on brand management, they are now in complete control of their brand.

o'learys image
o'learys image


A demand for fast on-brand deliveries of a diverse selection of marketing collaterals in a global market setup is challenging. With everything in one common platform, seamless operational workflows is in place for smooth brand management delivery.

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