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Eliminate brand uncertainty

Your digital assets give your brand its unique voice. They control the look and feel of your collateral and provide the key elements that help to identify your marketing and create a crucial point of difference. So, they’re valuable and should be controlled and protected at all times. Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows marketers to store and share files from a single platform, eliminating inconsistency, unexpected costs and delays to projects.

The power of DAM

Collect your assets in one place

When your assets are available to view and order from one source, it’s easier to find what you need. Images, logo files, templates and much more are all at hand in the file type and format you’re looking for.

Transparent asset control

DAM allows busy marketers to control the availability and use of assets. It helps to keep your asset library refreshed, add new content and remove redundant files, creating a system that’s reliable and user-friendly.

Protect your valuables

Don’t forget that digital assets are classed as intellectual property and have significant value to your company. The DAM system controls access and sets guidelines for usage and reproduction.

Share your assets

If you make it easy for users to access and download the assets they need, they won’t look elsewhere. You’ve saved them the hassle and, at the same time, ensured only valid assets are used.

DAM Features

DAM - Artifical intelligence
DAM Image recognition

Artificial intelligence

Our system is driven by AI technology, with a trusted assistant deployed to help you find the assets and supporting metadata you’re looking for. Confidence settings can be adjusted at any time to optimise your search.

DAM faceted search
DAM full text search

Faceted search

This powerful facility uses advanced filters and a full-text search to narrow down your results and help you locate what you need. There’s also a search assistant on hand to provide additional help.

DAM smart upload
Drag and drop digital assets

Smart upload

You can drag and drop your assets in bulk or individually from a mobile app and deliver them safely to a designated drop zone. This upload process ensures that your metadata is pre-set and not compromised.

Other Features

DAM AI assisted translation

AI-assisted translation

This is where things get clever. AI can automatically translate your metadata from its source text to another language and in doing so speed up the search process.

DAM Smart crop

Smart crop

With this intuitive tool, you’ll be able to crop images like a professional. The content-aware option allows you to expand or resize an image, change its composition or focus on a specific detail.

DAM CDN and image service

CDN and image service

Use SEO-optimised URLs to request the images you need. You can specify the file size and format and tell us how you’d like the images customized and cropped.

DAM multi-level categories

Multi-level categories

Take it from us; this is the closest thing you’ll get to folders! A single category system is applied across the entire platform, creating a hierarchy that is logical and easily searchable.

DAM targeted transcoding

Targeted Transcoding

This process converts your asset files from one format to another with the result that they are optimized for any purpose and compatible with a greater number of devices.

DAM share with style

Share with style

When you’re sharing assets with external partners and other stakeholders, create an impactful landing page to make a great first impression and present your brand at its best.

DAM flexible access control

Flexible access control

It’s easy to establish flexible access settings and user rights which control entry to the platform for internal and external visitors.

DAM integrations and API's

Integrations and APIs

Because you are the single-source-of-truth for all your assets, it’s easier to connect to other systems, including e-commerce, CMI and PIM, and make new API integrations.

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How Digital Asset Management will elevate your brand

Collect all your digital assets in one platform
Centralize your brand assets

Centralize your brand assets

Stay in control. When you establish a library of approved digital assets and make them available for your colleagues to use, brand consistency is assured across all channels.

Create and share your marketing material

Create and share your marketing material

Lead by example. Create collateral that’s always on-brand to demonstrate what’s possible when the guidelines are followed and then make it available for download or to be customized.

Helly Hansen image
Helly Hansen image

Helly Hansen

When digital assets define your brand, protecting them and your brands identity is crucial. Storing, structuring, and sharing assets and brand guidelines across a global market and all stakeholders demands assurance. With a one-stop-shop Helly Hansen has secured consistent brand communication worldwide.

Orkla Health image
Orkla Health image

Orkla Health

Streamlined digital asset management with the purpose of protecting all assets across all brands and marketing teams was the start-off for the Orkla Health brand management platform. Serving 30+ brands, their platform has become a multibrand solution.

Kygo Life image
Kygo Life image

Kygo Life

Standing out in a fierce market getting ahead of the competitors led Kygo Life to create a self-service solution for digital asset management and distribution of product information. Now resellers have access to necessary assets and information 24/7.

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