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Targeted display advertising is a great way to put your brand in front of a receptive audience, so it’s important to make the right impression. With our Display Ads tool, you can create, adapt and publish adverts without involving an agency. It puts you in control and the best part about it is everything is done in real-time so you can see the results right away.

The power of Display Ads

Simplify display advertising management

Display Ads will transform the way you manage your advertising. You’ll work with pre-defined templates and supplied assets to create striking banner ads that can be customized with personalized content. You don’t need design skills or programming knowledge – the platform does it all for you.

Change your message in real-time

Last-minute revisions are not a problem. Even with a pressing deadline, you can make changes in real-time and check the results on screen before sign-off. That’s the beauty of WYSIWYG.

Simplify display advertising publishing

Managing your display advertising from a single platform has many advantages, not least because it limits the number of people involved and reduces the potential for error. Brand integrity is intact and all you have to do is hit ‘publish’.

Target your advertising

With Display Ads, you can plan your activity, target your audience groups, choose your media and customize your content. The process is no longer haphazard – it becomes logical and all the pieces fall into place.


Template and asset library
Pre-defined advertising templates

Template and asset library

Pre-defined templates and readily available assets remove the pressure points and streamline the creation of on-brand display advertising.

Self-service workflows
Produce your ads with automation

Self-service workflows

The process is fully automated, making it easy to produce your ads. Just follow the steps and the platform will do the rest.

Analyze your ad performance


You’ll want to know what results you’re getting, so check your analytics. Track your ads, view by impressions and clicks across all media platforms to see what’s driving most traffic.

Advertising delivery chain
Deliver correct ad specifications

Advertising delivery chain

Supply your ads with the correct technical specification and contact details and request confirmation that the file has been received and is ‘good to go’.

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Why Display Ads will elevate your brand

Create display adverts with pre-defined templates
Create and share display advertising templates

Create and share display advertising templates

Get to the point. Display advertising puts your brand in front of a specially invited audience – individuals who know your company, need your services and are keen to find out more. It’s up to you to do the rest.

Elon image
Elon image


Our online sales increased by 100% with our dynamic advertising created with Display Ads. Additionally, a real time saver is the smooth collaborative processes for our in-house creative department and external production agency.

obs bygg image
obs bygg image


Time to market and seamless workflows is alpha omega when Coop BYGG is creating display adverts. Running in major channels all over Norway, Coop BYGG is dependend on delivering their message, quick, accurate and on time.

Apollo Reiser

Demands for timely and current marketing campaigns called for a improved and more efficient workflows. Creating beautiful on brand display advertising with ease.

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