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Integrate with Adobe

Expand your brand management

As multichannel marketing becomes the norm, there’s a growing expectation for technology-led solutions to deliver great content to customers and consumers. That’s why application integration is so important – without it, your options are limited. We offer two integration options: Developer API connects your current suite of apps and allows you to consider other applications, while Plugin Framework provides a simple connection to our DAM system.

Integrate with printing services
Integrate with print services

Print services

In this digital age, have you noticed that print has never fallen out of fashion? However, it comes at a price. Managing the logistics and distribution of print services is expensive and time-consuming, and there’s also the environmental impact to consider. You’ll be glad to know we have a solution for you.

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Integrate with third party video providers

Video management

Video delivers the type of dynamic, high-quality content that makes it perfect for business and consumer markets. It’s popular with search engines and is proven to boost conversion rates, yet for many companies, it remains out of reach – until now. We have established integration partnerships with several video specialists, so now’s the time to explore the possibilities.

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Integrate with content applications
Create beautiful content

Content creation

One of the key benefits of a centralized brand management system is that everything is created, located and distributed from one place. This is a big plus. However, it’s a two-way street and for things to click, your marketing teams and their designers need to be assured that system compatibility and file sharing will not be compromised. With our CI HUB integration, connecting your digital assets to Adobe and Microsoft office is covered.

Integration - online proofing
Align team collaboration

Online proofing

Have you ever asked yourself : I wish there was a tool that would make collaboration with my colleagues easier. We know, creating content, proof-reading, back and forth. Managing this is painful and highly time-consuming. It is a pleasure to let you know that we have the solution you need.

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Integrate with digital publishing providers

Digital publishing

The true value of high-quality brand and marketing collateral is only realized when it’s published and out there for everyone to see. So, why keep it to yourself? When you make your content available to view on all devices and digital channels, you’ll reach a wider audience and give your brand a more powerful voice.

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Integrate with DAM
Integrate with third party DAM providers

DAM integration

We know that some of you have a Digital Asset Management system already and are happy with the results you’re getting. If you’re not interested in changing your provider, that’s fine with us. To keep everything nice and easy, you can connect your DAM with BrandMaster and take advantage of our other feature-rich applications.

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Integrate with digital signage providers

Digital signage

In public places, shops and offices, high impact digital signage is impossible to ignore. And that’s why it’s so popular. It’s a favourite of FMCG, luxury and business brands, allowing advertisers to build brand awareness and influence consumer behaviour at that critical point of decision. Digital signage is a channel you can’t afford to ignore.

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integrate with content management
Integrate with CMS

Content Management System

It’s a question we’re asked a lot – how will our CMS connect with BrandMaster? We’ve made sure the integration is smooth, so there’s nothing to worry about. You continue to access brand and marketing assets from your website CMS, while our DAM system speeds up the search and optimizes the files you’ve selected. There’s no duplication of effort or potential for confusion.

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integrate with customer relation management
Integrate with CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Companies hold lots of valuable data about their customers – information that’s built up over time and is crucial to their sales and marketing activities. The API Developer integration tool connects with your CRM system to sync contacts, prospects and loyalty groups automatically to our Marketing Planner application. This means that your customer data remains current and correct.

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integrate with product information management
Integrate with PIM

Product Information Management

Businesses across many industries rely on accurate product information to influence retailers and buyers and ultimately to convert sales. This data has a high commercial value and cannot be compromised. PIM integration with BrandMaster establishes a single source of truth, minimizes the risk of deviations and aligns your products with their assigned assets.

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