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Planning successful marketing activities

It’s only when you’ve worked in marketing and experienced the pressure points that it’s possible to make things better. We’ve applied our industry insight to create a collaboration software for marketing which helps marketers plan and coordinate their activities – all from one central location. Sharing information and assets with colleagues is easy, objectives are understood and everyone involved knows what’s to be done.

The power of Marketing Planner

Align your marketing activities

Get off to a good start and make sure everyone is on board with your plans. By providing your team with a complete overview of activities, the required outcomes are understood – confusion and calendar conflict become a thing of the past.

Structure your marketing plans

Use our team collaboration software to track your workflow from planning to completion. Establish deadlines and set schedules for related marketing activity, coordinating the involvement of regional and local teams by campaign and project type.

Streamline and control implementation

When the planning process is centralized, it’s easier to work towards the end goal. Better still if everyone has all the assets, information and collateral they need to stick to the plan and execute it perfectly.

Communicate your marketing with ease

Marketing does not operate in isolation. You’re part of an organization that’s working towards a common goal, so make sure your colleagues are aware of your plans. And if you do this by email or newsletter, you can check who’s opened and read your message.

Control your marketing costs

It all comes down to money in the end. Keep your finances firmly in the spotlight and check marketing spend against actual budget. Analyze cost per activity across different locations and centralize purchasing to avoid unnecessary spend and overheads.


marketing activity execution manager
Central management and local execution

Execution Manager

We recommend ‘central management and local execution’ – it’s the best way to control the planning process. Simply appoint a local Execution Manager to ensure your plans are understood and realized.

Marketing activity dashboard
Marketing activity analysis

Dashboards and analysis

With real-time dashboards, you can see at a glance if things are going to plan. Stay one step ahead, anticipate problems or conflicts before they happen and implement contingency plans to keep your marketing on track.

Delegate marketing activities
Communicate with your marketing team

Simplify your market support management

When you delegate responsibility for local execution, you’ll still want to know what’s going on and offer support when it’s required. Using the Co-op Funding tool, you can track and manage campaign activity in all your locations.

Other Features

Detalied logging and notifications

Detailed logging and notifications

You can keep an eye on what’s going on across the board and set up triggered, event-based notifications to trace and check the progress of related marketing activity.

Flexible views

Flexible views

Your timeline does more than provide an overview of your plan. You can dig deeper and request different views to analyze data relating to a specific project or activity.

Categorize your marketing activities


It’s completely up to you how you want to set up your categories. The system is flexible and versatile and can be customized to reflect your company’s workflows and user patterns.

Asset control

Asset control

Sharing relevant assets with your team as part of your planning regime will help everyone understand what’s to be done and achieve greater brand consistency.

Email editor

Email editor

This feature allows you to design emails for internal groups or individuals in your company. Create your emails in advance and schedule them for later – automation takes care of the rest.

Newsletter feature


Again, this is a useful way of keeping in touch with your colleagues across the business and letting them know what’s happening in the world of marketing.

Flexible content

Flexible Content

This versatile plug-in will bring out the designer in you. Use pre-defined templates to create landing pages for your team and supply the assets and supporting information they’ll need.

Activity drill down

Activity drill down

The devil is in the detail. Your dashboard is a great source of information and a one-click drill down allows you to interrogate your data and look more closely into the metrics.

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How Marketing Planner will elevate your brand

Plan your marketing events
Plan marketing campaigns

Plan marketing campaigns

Know your audience. With the right planning, your team will remain focused on the primary objectives, develop a strategy to communicate your message and identify the resources needed to make the campaign a success.

Plan events

Plan events

Save the date. Planning events is tricky because they are time-sensitive – once you set the date, generally there’s no going back. Coordination is the key to involve all the key players at the right time and manage the input of employees, suppliers, speakers and delegates.

Plan marketing budgets

Plan marketing budgets

There’s no blank cheque. The marketing budget is expected to go a long way and deliver a healthy ROI, so planning your spend over the year by campaign, location and channel activity will help you set priorities and realistic goals.

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Securing one brand and one voice across all markets, aligning all restaurants is easy when there is a one-stop platform for downloads, local creations, ordering and sharing.

svensk fastighetsförmedling image
svensk fastighetsförmedling image

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

Planning is at ease when all marketing campaigned are orderly organized for a transparent overview across the entire company. All campaigns are packaged and presented for easy access and use.

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