Distribute marketing collateral with ease
The ultimate asset sharing tool
Self-service one-stop-shop
Distributing brand assets with ease
Brand consistency all the way

The ultimate marketing collateral sharing tool

There’s an easy way to manage the distribution of marketing collateral and merchandise. With Marketing Shop, everything your company needs is available under one roof – it’s online, self-service and open for business 24/7. Behind the scenes, you’re in charge of the supply chain, maintaining stock levels, customizing orders and making sure the whole operation runs smoothly. This tool provides the ultimate sharing experience.

The power of Marketing Shop

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is guaranteed with Marketing Shop. By centralizing your brand and marketing assets and merchandise, they will always be branded correctly and produced to a high standard.


This distribution tool eliminates the pressure points by streamlining the processes that control production and distribution, making it easy for employees to order what they need.


Flexible shopping cart
Add any item to your marketing shop

Flexible shopping cart

Your time is valuable, so make sure your operations run smoothly. With Marketing Shop, we promise your colleagues a great customer experience. Users can select the assets they need from stock, customize material and when they’re ready to confirm their order, we’ve made sure the checkout process is simple and quick.

Connect marketing shop with DAM
Internal integration for seamless workflows

Internal integration

Marketing Shop connects seamlessly with other modules such as Digital Asset Management to create a great search application. And by linking the shop with Template Studio, users can localize collateral and check the changes online before download and distribution – Making marketing collateral distribution a breeze.

Connect Marketing Shop to 3rd party vendors
External integration for smooth administration

External integration

You can also connect Marketing Shop with third-party vendors, such as media agencies and printers, and establish automated processes for file management and production.

Other Features

Marketing Shop audit trail

Audit trail

Stay in control with real-time data you can trust. With accurate stock inventories, order status reports and details of deliveries, you’ll know exactly how things stand.

Minimum stock warnings

Minimum stock warnings

When there’s a busy program of events on the horizon, it’s good to know you’ll get a timely warning when stock levels are running low.

Media and vendor management

Media and vendor management

Trusted suppliers are an important part of your supply chain. With Marketing Shop, users can connect directly with approved vendors to order materials, arrange production and buy media space.

Marketing Shop variants


For materials such as branded merchandise, people like to choose the size and color they want. Marketing Shop takes this in its stride, tracking each variant with a unique SKU under one product description.

Categorize stock

Categorize stock

Create a great retail experience. Structure your web shop by product category to make it easy for users to source and order what they need.

Quantity control

Quantity control

You set the rules by specifying minimum and maximum quantities per order. This includes stipulating conditions for bulk orders.

Order plurar units

Plural units

For ordering purposes and distribution, it’s better to be specific and confirm the number of packages and items purchased – 1 package, 10 items.

Collection builder

Collection builder

All the material needed for a campaign can be bundled together as a single order, simplifying the purchasing process and download workflow.

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How Marketing Shop will elevate your brand

Share your brand items with a brand asset management tool
Eliminate brand inconsistency

Eliminate brand inconsistency

Beware of impostors. Marketers have a responsibility to protect their brand and make sure the visual components are used properly. Directing users to a single point of contact limits the potential for the guidelines to be ignored or misunderstood.

Managing your workflow

Managing your workflow

Streamline the brand asset management process. The self-serviced and automated system controls how branded collateral is ordered and distributed will free up valuable time for you to focus on your goals and priorities.

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling image
Svensk Fastighetsförmedling image

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

For Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, the ability to offer a wide range of promotional items, branded and on-demand is essential. With their BrandMaster platform, self-service is a fact and brand consistency is intact.

Systemhus image
Systemhus image


With Marketing Shop, Systemhus users can quickly access marketing collateral, adjust and send to print without the marketing departments involvement. It is easy and increases organizational efficiency. And the best part, brand consistency is always protected.

obos block watne image
obos block watne image

Block Watne

Local advertising, flyers or banners, all available for self-service. Sales personal can easily order, re-use and send material to media or other without involving marketing. Its simple and always on brand.

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