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Powerful and intuitive online editor is giving marketers the tool they need to design marketing collateral that’s a credit to their brand. Simply delegate design task to those in need without risking your brand’s identity and compromise quality. Meeting deadlines is easy and your marketing budget is under control. This online wysiwyg editor tool is what you need to stay on-brand and in control.

Uncover the magic behind Template Studio and learn how anyone can design with confidence.

The power of Template Studio

Secure your brand identity

The system is set up to create branded marketing collateral without involving a designer in the process. Digital templates establish a consistent visual style which is applied across all assets and also set the rules for layout design. With the principles in place, users can adapt and localize material without rewriting the rule book.

Deliver your brand on time

Template Studio is a great online editor tool. It helps to streamline busy workflows, reducing agency costs and time-to-market. Working with digital templates eliminates the need to create assets from scratch and this means the journey from briefing to delivery can be completed in less time.

Reduce costly design tasks

In the old days, you had to employ a design agency to create your assets – not any more. With a self-serviced WYSIWYG templates, there’s no need to incur these costs. Your marketing budget will go further, allowing you to invest in your brand and plan for future campaigns.

Brand consistency across all channels

We know that consistency builds brand awareness and sends out positive signals to your customers. It tells them your brand can be trusted. This online editor allows your business to secure this recognition across all channels wherever you’re working in the world.


Flexible design templates

Full range template service

Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered. There are templates for print, adverts, landing pages, dynamic content such as video, display ads and much more. You decide the output format and they’re available in no time using our self-service system.

Dynamic design templates

Responsive template technology

Don’t be told that templates are inflexible. They allow your users to adapt brand assets and marketing material, changing the format and localizing content without breaking the guidelines.

Control content with templates

Content control

Everyone thinks they’re a designer. Templates eliminate the risk of your material being compromized by pre-defining what can be changed and letting everyone know what’s off-limits.

Other Features

WYSIWYG editor


All creative projects are subject to change – often at the last minute. This ingenious feature lets you edit text, graphics and layout in real-time and see the end-result on screen without any delay.

Intelligent resizing

Intelligent resizing

One size doesn’t fit all. Images, graphics and advertising can be resized without cropping content or changing the composition, while our liquid layout system optimizes the space available.

Dataset workflow

Dataset workflow

Behind the scenes, datasets are used to pre-populate templates with contact information based on the user or department and locate relevant assets in advance.

Media and vendor connections

Media and vendor connections

You can maintain efficient workflows and meet deadlines with time to spare by connecting your templates to printers, video platforms, media agencies and other vendors.

Color swatch palette

Color palettes

Color plays an important role in defining your brand, so it’s an area that’s not open to interpretation. Establish primary, secondary and gradient palettes and stick to these colors all the time.

Typeface manager

Font manager

As with color, pre-define your corporate font(s) and stipulate the weights, styles and sizes that can be used. These are then set in your templates and ready to use.

Adobe indesign compatibility

InDesign compatible

You’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to convert InDesign files into templates. It just takes seconds to do this and there are no compatibility issues to worry about.

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How Template Studio will elevate your brand

Design your brand with digital design templates
Create and share brand assets

Create and share brand assets

Set the right example. Pre-defined templates show users how it should be done and establish a benchmark for everyone to follow. They’re easy to use and allow material to be produced quickly, remotely and, most importantly, accurately.

Create and share social media assets

Create and share social media assets

Timing is everything. Make sure your social media assets are optimized and applied consistently across leading platforms. By using pre-defined formats for blog posts and advertising, you’ll succeed in driving more traffic to your website.

Create and share video assets

Create and share video assets

Make a great impression. Templates can be customized and edited with ease with our video creator tool. It allows users to add text, imagery and sound with the assurance that their video will be produced to the correct format and file size.

Create and share marketing material

Create and share marketing material

Spreading the word. By centralizing the design and distribution of marketing material, it’s possible to reach a wider audience with the same message and maintain a consistently high level of quality throughout the company.

Create display advertising

Create display advertising

Secure market presence in the digital space. With our Display Ads application, creating banner ads is a breeze. This resource allow anyone to create and publish professional looking banners without breaking the brand identity.

holidaypirates image
holidaypirates image


Quick turnarounds and the ability to deliver on brand content at any time is easy with Template Studio. All templates are collected centrally and the designers have complete control.

Systemhus image
Systemhus image


With dealers spread across Norway, marketing support needs to flow seamlessly. With the online WYSIWYG editor, everyone at Systemhus can easily access, adjust, download or print what they need, when they need it.

o'learys image
o'learys image


Menus, posters or doors signs, local languages and offers. It all needs to look the same and feel the same. With the online editor in place, O’Learys got it covered. All restaurants can easily access, adjust and download what they need.

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