BrandMaster has procured all shares in TACTIC™, confirming our position as the leading supplier of full range marketing and brand management solutions.

[Oslo, 20th of September 2019] | “Our vision, multi-channel marketing made easy requires constant development in the evolving Martech space. It is a privilege presenting this acquisition which is another step towards meeting the future requirements in marketing technology”, says Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO at BrandMaster.

For 10 years TACTIC™ Real-Time Marketing have delivered a cutting-edge digital platform for brands in need of dynamic ad creations and seamless workflows across multiple channels. Their state-of-the-art technology has placed them amongst large brands and advertising professionals worldwide.

BrandMaster is an unparalleled counterpart for us and balance both our offering and customer portfolio well. Their position and product solutions are an excellent complement to our technology and will be a great benefit for our existing customers going forward” Jørgen Aanonsen, President of the board.

The TACTIC™ platform is essential for marketers who are pursuing real-time marketing, multi-channel marketing and reaching targets as intended. Their customer portfolio and market position confirm this necessity.

Creation of dynamic content is rapidly evolving and matches our product suite perfectly. Onwards, we will utilize on the best from both worlds. Combining our forces allows us to extend our solution offerings further, ensuring we are equipped for future requirements and providing a definite one stop marketing and brand management solution. Tactic enables the use of hyper-targeted marketing content that increases ROI and conversion rates for brands, in real-time, Gunnar Larsen, COO in BrandMaster

Looking ahead

Being customer centric, BrandMaster is always looking to be one step ahead of our customer needs ensuring we offer a full range portfolio. Choosing BrandMaster should be easy. Knowing that creating dynamic content is essential for any brand and marketer and the Martech industry is evolving fast, it is our job making sure that our solutions are future proof. This acquisition secures our long-term promise, giving our customers endless possibilities within marketing and brand management solutions.

About BrandMaster

BrandMaster was established in 1998 and has since then grown to become one of Europe’s leading marketing and branding software solution companies. Based on a 100% SaaS enabled delivery model, BrandMaster has created a solid application platform contributing to a “one place for all your brand and marketing”. With offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London, New York and Zlin (Czech Republic), BrandMaster has 85 employees delivering solutions to over 325 brands and 550 000 users worldwide. 

Premier League brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW Nordic, Helly Hansen, Circle K, Bergans, Bridgestone, Careem, Equinor and many more valued customers have for years successfully trusted BrandMaster with their marketing and brand management platform.


TACTIC™ Real-Time Marketing is a leading independent provider of dynamic creative optimization for brands and agencies. Our data-driven cloud technology enables brands and advertising professionals to reach targeted, brand-receptive audiences across a wide range of digital platforms and channels.

TACTIC™ software is designed to serve the specific needs of brand and tactical advertising. TACTIC’s platform simplifies the complexities associated with managing ad content workflow.

Large multinational brands such as Coop, DNB, Volvat, Mutti and Apollo are among TACTIC™ valued customers.

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CEO, BrandMaster
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Gunnar Larsen
COO, BrandMaster
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