BrandMaster AS acquires all shares in Resolut Marketing Systems AB and reaffirms the position as the leading supplier of software for marketing and brand management in the Nordic region and beyond

Two major providers in Scandinavia join forces

[Oslo/Stockholm, 19th of February 2019] | BrandMaster AS and Resolut Marketing Systems AB have for more than 20 years developed and delivered “best of breed” online marketing solutions to well-known brands in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. The solutions are 100% cloud-based and make it easy for customers to continuously monitor and strengthen their presence in all digital channels.

Resolut has been a solid and innovative provider since the early 2000s. Their position in the automotive-, bank and finance industries is a perfect match for us. The combination of extensive domain knowledge and focus on solutions that are easy to manage for both large and small companies, has proven to provide very good results for their customers – we believe a combined group can further strengthen this delivery – especially within analytics, enabling customers to easily benchmark their position in relation to competitors and their own market activities.

The combined group will deliver worth of NOK 100 million in annual revenue, of which more than 65% will be recurring. With customer centric values and strong commitment to continued seamless product development, we are confident that the merge will be positive for both current and new customers, says Gunnar Larsen, CEO, BrandMaster.     

BrandMaster and Resolut have, over the last 10 years, delivered «one stop shopping»  to high value brands that focus on continous control and instant optimal channel selection.

Our product platform optimize work processes crucial for marketers that seek reduced time-to-market, increased revenue, and efficiency, to protect true brand values.

Going forward, we will use our expertise and sector knowledge to expand our product portfolio. Our experience from a range of industries will drive our product development to simplified solutions that are easily beneficial to any brand and descision makers.

After 20 years developing and providing marketing- and brand management solutions, we wanted to find the right partner that reflected and shared our values for our employees, customers and products to grow with internationally and continue our fantastic journey with.


During this process, we found BrandMaster to match us perfectly and joining them felt natural. Taking on the future together enables two strong brands to secure a solid position in the international and the domestic market. We will grow together and become even more efficient and productive, which is beneficial for current and future customers and of course for our personnel , says Jonas Wärn, CEO, Resolut Marketing Systems AB.

Going forward

BrandMaster’s strategy is customer centric – “follow our customers into new markets”. Through this acquisition, we will have a US office with experienced employees enabling enhanced follow-up of our existing international customers such as ex. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Bridgestone, Equinor, Circle K and Yara International. We are well underway with establishing local companies in the UK and Germany.

BrandMaster and Resolut will continue business as usual, whilst continuously exploring the possibilities of enhanced industry experience and know-how built into our solutions.

Marketing and brand management solutions have existed in the market since the early 2000’s, but there is still significant potential in the market for “analogue brands” who have yet to discover the powerful and highly beneficial advantages of our solutions. We are excited to go forward together.

A high cost level in Scandinavia forces us to deliver high quality and efficient software solutions to be competitive in the global market of marketing solutions” says Gunnar Larsen. “We have just seen the top of the iceberg in digitization and brand automation, as marketers have been somewhat reluctant to be work process-oriented. We now see that this is a growing “must have”, and we are confident that we are at the forefront of a new wave – not unlike the one we saw when the ERP systems became common in the early 90’s. Gunnar Larsen – CEO at BrandMaster

About BrandMaster

BrandMaster was established in 1998 and has since then grown to become one of Europe’s leading marketing and branding software solution companies. Based on a 100% SaaS enabled delivery model, BrandMaster has created a solid application platform contributing to a “one place for all your brand and marketing”. With offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Zlin (Czech Republic), BrandMaster has 60 employees delivering solutions to over 260 brands and 350 000 users worldwide.  

Premier League brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW Nordic, Helly Hansen, Circle K, Bergans, Bridgestone, Careem, Equinor and many more valued customers have for years successfully trusted BrandMaster with their marketing and brand management platform.

About Resolut

Resolut is Swedens leading marketing and brand management provider,  delivering implementation, support and development to a wide range of “brand driven” customers. With the mission to improve strong brands’ market communication, Resolut has created a product suite well-matched for companies with a geographically diverse organisation. Based in Stockholm and Fairfield, USA, Resolut has 20 employees delivering solutions to over 120 brands and 90 000 users worldwide.

Known brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW North America, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, SEB, Handelsbanken, PostNord, Yamaha and many more trust Resolut with their marketing- and brand management platforms.

About Marketing and Brand Management software

Marketing and Brand Management software support Companies in collecting, organizing and sharing all marketing and brand assets and activities in one place – ultimately achieving brand consistency and unified communication through all channels. The software platform streamlines work processes and create enhanced efficiency through improved control, creation and distribution in one common platform. Digital asset management, online design templates, online brand books, communication, marketing material distribution, campaign and activity management and more, are some of the key functionalities in a marketing and brand management software.

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