BrandMaster, a leading software- and consultancy within Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) has partnered with ProntoTV – a leading supplier of Digital Signage solutions.

Multi-channel marketing made easy

– BrandMaster’s strategy is multi-channel marketing made easy. Our goal is to let our customers control their brand and marketing in every channel. We have long been strong on web-advertising and printed media, now we want to complement this effort by offering our customers the same simplicity for presence on Digital Signage solutions says Gunnar Larsen, CEO BrandMaster AS.

BrandMaster AS offers solutions and services within Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management. BrandMaster MRM is an online marketing system, developed to help you plan, gather, share, adapt and distribute your marketing material in every channel. With the new partnership, Digital Signage gets added to the solution.

– Perhaps the most interesting with BrandMaster is their multi-channel mindset. They want to deliver a solution that makes it as easy as possible for their clients to do marketing across all channels. With this partnership they take their concept one step further – that’s exciting, both for us and the customers says Ola Sæverås, CEO ProntoTV.

– Digital Signage is a new and exciting business area for us. We wanted to partner with the best provider in the market instead of starting this work ourselves, we found that partner through ProntoTV. They have both the competence and infrastructure needed to make sure our clients can feel well taken care of. The fact that we have become neighbors on Grev Wedels Plass is a great convenience, this makes cross-company collaboration easier says Gunnar.

– Close integrations against BrandMaster MRM will make it easy for clients to gather material like pictures, videos and presentations and publish this in realtime to Digital Signage. This will give customers shorter time-to-market and full control over brand in yet another channel say Gunnar.

From analog to digital marketing

Digital Signage is a growing market both all over the world and not without reason. Digital Signage is digital screen solutions used as an advertising- and/or information channel and is proven to increase both sales and publicity for products and businesses. Realtime updates makes it easy to change message quickly and always stay current.

– Clients come to us with a desire to take the leap from analog to digital marketing. It’s flexible and gives the possibility to use sound, text, animation, pictures and video. Unlike traditional posters, Digital Signage is more effective by letting you update the message from one location – quickly and efficiently. This way it’s possible to target the relevant audience at the same time reducing costs and increasing advertising revenues says Ola Sæverås, CEO ProntoTV.

ProntoTV has since the start of 1999 defined the Scandinavian Digital Signage market and today they are the leading provider on Digital Signage in Norway and have delivered solutions all over the world.  They deliver both digital strategy and content creation in addition to the technology to administrate content and the screens themselves.

Technology makes fantasy reality

– The continuous development of technology enables us to think new and creative solutions constantly. With LED and now OLED it opens up to possibilities that where only possible in your imagination a few years ago. We have delivered screens in sizes from 10 inches all the way up to 61 square meters, screens only 3mm thick with to-sided message and even see-through screens! The solution is created so new technology easily can be attached and used by customers. Together with BrandMaster we are already working on some exciting projects he continues.

The partnership gives BrandMaster’s customers access to publish pictures, video and presentations directly to ProntoTV’s Digital Signage solution and gives ProntoTV’s customers the possibility for a complete Marketing Resource Management solution with access to the tools they are used to using. This will give immediate synergies for all customers and help ease their daily work while at the same time giving them more control over their brand.

Questions regarding the partnership can be addressed to Gunnar Larsen, CEO BrandMaster AD or Ola Sæverås, CEO ProntoTV.