Brand Center

Brand Center

Protect your brand

Collect all your brand- and marketing assets in one place

The Brand Center enables branding automation by providing everything about your brand to employees and partners with a personalized and tailored online and digital brand book. The brand center enables you to collect and communicate your brand profile, brand assets, brand guidelines and more. By connecting your images, videos, documents, logos, fonts, orderable items and templates, you have everything in one place, live and ready to use.

The Brand Center module is provided as a self-service and CMS tailored solution with your company profile and brand. With its responsive layout, the Brand Center is accessible through any platform, always live and updated.

Build your brand and keep consistent with branding automation.

Brand Book

Online Brand Book

Communicate your brand strategy with a branding automation solution

A respectable Brand Book is the core of every strong brand, and uncovers the details, do’s and don’ts and more of a company’s brand. And even more importantly, building your brand demand consistency and structure. Our branding automation solution is created through years of experience and is as powerful and advanced as it should to ensure smooth branding automation processes.

Through our Brand Center we provide an online Brand Book which structure and organize everything about your brand and enable you to have total control of how your brand is being used and communicated. Hence allowing you to take total control of your brand strategy and management. Our Brand Book is the online way of creating corporate guidelines.

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Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

Communicate marketing strategy and activities

With our Brand Center you can make sure planned activities and marketing strategies are followed and get the desired effect. Along with the online Brand Book, make available your marketing- and communication plan, objectives and associated budgets.

Ensure brand- and marketing consisteny within your organization. By making employees aware of how, when and where you ensure that the implementation and achievements of your marketing communication plans are established and known throughout your organization.

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Brand Center main advantages

Fully customizable

A personalized experience, tailored to your brand

Using the latest web technologies, we make your Brand Center a physical representation of your brand. Same user experience on desktop, tablets and mobile devices makes guidelines and information available from every device at any time. Control language and content visibility by user groups or business areas to create a truly personalized experience.

Live and up to date

Connect assets, templates and orderable items

Connect all your brand- and marketing assets such as images, videos, documents, logos, fonts, orderable items and templates and stop worrying about outdated material. Every change you make to assets, templates and orderable items are automatically displayed. Connect an entire Lightbox of images or material and watch as new items magically appear. With an online Brand Center, the latest updates are always available.

Self service

No training needed

Our Brand Center CMS is made solely for creating, building and managing a Brand Center. No need for expensive software or education – no more waiting for designers or agencies. Let multiple people update your Brand Center directly from a web browser and give your organization and external partners instant access to up-to-date information.

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