Created for marketers in need of marketing and brand management


Created for marketers in need of marketing and brand management

Create the solution that meet your needs

Combine product applications that best meet your needs and create a powerful and dynamic solution for your marketing- and brand management needs. Communicate your brand, marketing and communcation strategy with ease. BrandMasters product applications may be used as stand-alone applications or together to meet your requirements for marketing- and brand management. We provide standard solutions or tailormade, all created based on your needs.

Brand Center

Bring life to your brand, digitalize your brand strategy, communication and marketing.

Media Bank

Collect, organize and share assets with digital asset management.

Template Technology

Ensure brand consistency through all channels with online design templates.

Campaign Manager

Organize and execute all your brand and marketing activities in one central place.

Marketing Shop

Make all your brand and marketing assets available for ordering.

Integrations and API

Make the most out of your BrandMaster solution and your branding automation processes by integrating with third party suppliers such as Wistia, YouTube, PowerPoint, CRM and more.



Ensure full utilization of your BrandMaster solution. Our analysis dashboard tool provides in-depth knowledge of user interactions and content usage in real-time.



Make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget. See the real effect of your branding- and marketing activities and campaigns instantaneous.

Solutions created by BrandMaster

Our products and solutions are trusted by many strong brands and tailored to the specific needs of each brand.

It is crucial for us that digital assets are stored in one central location, allowing us to manage usage rights and perform maintenance, ensuring that we always have the correct and most up to date assets available to our sales representatives, resellers and customers.

Rebecca Sjölander

Trade Marketing and Asset Production Manager, Helly Hansen

With BrandMaster we collect all our pictures to make it easy for employees all over the country to see and “borrow” from each other. We also collect all marketing materials, like house prospectuses and ads, to make it easy for our sales staff to see and get inspired by marketing efforts by other offices.

Katrine Neergaard

Marketing Consultant, Block Watne

After the implementation of BrandMaster in Høyre we see no local created unconventionalities. The users have become more aware of Høyres identity, pay more attention to what is allowed and what is not and they are active users of BrandMaster.

Dag Terje Solvang

Markeds- og kampanjesjef, Høyres Hovedorganisasjon