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Powerful and dynamic brand management software

Bring your brand to life with an online brand book. Collect all your digital assets, activities and information in one single location and enable effective sharing and distribution of all your branding, marketing and communication. Ensure brand consistency and unified communication to any target group, in any media or channel.

Seamless Brand Management with Brand Center


Create your brand book with a fully customizable CMS

Fully customizable CMS design

With the latest CMS technology, we make your Brand Book a physical representation of your brand. Control language and content visibility by user groups or business areas to create a truly personalized experience.

Controlled user navigation

Controlled user navigation

Self-explanatory navigation which guide your users from start to end, ensuring they locate, produce, learn or use the appropriate material.

Custom your layout on the go

Intelligent content widgets

Flexible layout design options based on sections, includes easy add on’s, flexible adjustments or moving building blocks.

Search your brand center regardless of content

Faceted search

Advanced search engine that allows your users to search for content regardless of  file format or type.

Create a brand book with the content of your choice

Content based

Add any content of your choice regardless of format or type and create a brand book tailored to your needs and user pattern.



Color palette builder
Define your company product and/or brand colors and make them available for all your users through the Brand Center and belonging product modules. Ensure brand consistency with flexibility.
Access control
Control who has access to what with advanced access control management. Access control is created dependent on your company needs and controlled on user level.
Drag and drop

Move your content around with drag and drop functionality.

Asset collection widget

Collect assets from multiple DAM archives or lightboxes, then arrange and style your media collections as you desire.

Anchor component

Anchored menu items triggers floating page overview for dynamic page views.

Flexible section builder

Customize your sections with spacing above and below your content with ease and design your page exactly as you want.

Inline editing
Text editor that allows for changes directly in your layout.
Customize font colors
Choose any color from your color palette to adjust your text to stand out from the background.
See your changes live and directly in your layout, what you see is what you get.
Pre-designed stylesheets
Make sure your editors and contributors are aligned with your layout- and brand guidelines with ready-made templates.
Background image color overlay
Design and style your brand guidelines using color overlays on background images or sections.


Third party

Embed content from third party vendors such as YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and more in your brand book and avoid having to publish your content in more than one place. Keep maintenance effortless and clean and stay efficient.

Integrate with other applications

The Brand Center can easily connect to any of our other applications ensuring that you keep a seamless and effortless workflow for yourself and your users.


Offices or stores

When your organization spans across multiple establishments such as offices, stores or similar, a common portal will provide smooth workflows, increased efficiency and avoid inconsistency in your brand- and marketing strategies. Ensure complete uniformity and prevent weakening your brand.


Establish healthy corporate values among your employees and make them proud brand ambassadors of your brand. Let them know the inside and out of your brand strategy and create complete transparency in your brand strategy and meet your target expectations.


Include partners, vendors or other associates in your brand strategy and brand communication and make sure everyone understands your brand- and marketing as you intended. Let them access and download your brand assets and marketing material.

Solutions by Brand Center

Brand Management

Online Brand Guidelines

Create online brand guidelines with Brand Center and communiate your brand identity and strategy with brand management software.

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Brand Launch Management

Create and execute your brand launch campaign with ease. Ensure your launch is executed as intended and reaches your entire market and target groups as you planned.

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Marketing Management

Marketing Communication

Ensure unified marketing communcation both internally and externally to any target group through one central location with Brand Center.

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HR Management

Code Of Conduct

Make sure your employees knows the rules on how to behave and act as an employee of your company.

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Employee Branding

Make sure you unite your employees and your brand and make them valuable brand ambassadors.

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