Campaign Manager

Plan and execute your marketing activities

Campaign Manager

Plan and execute your marketing activities

Online marketing activity planner
Online marketing activity planner

Online marketing planning with marketing management software

Plan your individual marketing activities such as events, e-mail marketing, campaigns, surveys and more with our Campaign Manager. Our online Campaign Manager enables you to structure, organize and coordinate all your marketing activities across your organization through one central location with ease. Bring your activities online and ensure effective marketing management all the way from planning to execution.

Campaign management with marketing management software


E-mail marketing tool with marketing management software

E-mail marketing

Create responsive HTML e-mail customized to your brand and reach your audience with direct and accurate communication. Send newsletters, invitations, professional related topics and more, and interact with your audience using e-mail communication.

Create landingpages for your events with marketing management software

Landing pages

Create responsive branded landing pages and control your inbound activities with necessary information, location, questionnaires/forms, DAM assets and more. Connect your landing pages to events, seminars and similar and ensure transparency in your information flow.

Create online surveys with marketing management software


Create powerful online surveys and execute your marketing- and corporate surveys with ease. Track responses in real-time and get the insight you need.

Online graphs for performance analysis with marketing management software


See the real effect of your marketing activities and know how your marketing content performs in real-time, adjust accordingly and make sure you succeed with your targeting.

Create activity calendar for complete overview with marketing management software

Activity calendar

Create an activity calendar with all your campaign and marketing tasks and get a complete overview of planned actions, who and where to execute, type of activities and communication as well as related expenses.

Manage your events with marketing management software

Event management

Create an event calendar with all your events and get a complete overview of planned actions, who and where they will execute, type of event and communication as well as related expenses.



Map view

Multiple timeline views to choose from for different overview and details.

Access rights

Manage your planning with access control and operate what your users can change and manage locally and what is controlled centrally.

Budget control

Get complete overview of your activites and associated budgets. See how much you have spent on each campaign or activity and see how much is left.

Contact manager

Create activities centrally and enable campaign managers to execute and coordinate the activities on a local level.


Campaign Manager has no size restrictions. Create as many campaigns, newsletters, etc. as you like and send to as many contacts as you like.


Categorize your planning based on your user pattern and needs for structure and ease of use.


Apply functionality as you go. Adjust according to your exact needs. 

Predefined activity search

Flexible views allow you to list out predefined activity search and list your activities as necessary; e.g. for certain channels, initiatives or campaigns. 



Create flexible campaign with personalized communication by connecting Campaign Manager to datasets. Define your communication with personal name, personal preferences or create campaigns with multiple messages in one single campaign.


Define your target groups and selections and connect your CRM with campaign manager to make sure you reach everyone with updated lists.

DAM assets

Connect Campaign Manager to a DAM archive with images, videos, presentations and more and make sure your campaign managers are using the correct assets and do not have to locate materiel themselves.

Template Technology

Connect Campaign Manager to Template Technology and pre-design templates for all your activities; make sure your communication and branding are on-brand and aligned regardless of activity, campaign manager, localization and more.


Event agency

When in need of bringing in external services, let event agencies have access to activities of your choice and avoid lack of control. Your event bureaus will easily have access to assets, templates, target groups and more without re-inventing the wheel. The control and overview remain in one single location.

Local organizers

Prepare campaigns centrally and delegate execution to local organizers without loosing overview of status, accomplishments and end-results.

Solutions by Campaign Manager

Brand Management

Activity Planning

Ensure smooth implementation of your brand- and marketing activities and meet your deadlines with ease using Campaign Manager.

Marketing Management

Marketing Calendar

Bring your marketing activities online with Campaign Manager and get the complete overview you need while letting everyone in your organization know your plans.

Campaign Management

Organize and structure your marketing campaigns online. Make sure both you and your organization knows what is planned and include others as you need.

Event Management

Plan and coordinate your events online. Ensure effortless coordination and overview of all events happening in your organization for efficient event management.


Plan and execute market research and obtain market and customer knowledge.

Employer Brand Management

Internal Communication

Establish integrity among your employees through unified communication.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Perform internal surveys, see response in real-time and perform analysis and evaluations all in one solution.

Internal Event Management

Plan and coordinate your internal events online for easy coordination and workflow.


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