Marketing Shop

Make all your digital assets available for ordering

Marketing Shop

Make all your digital assets available for ordering

Brand asset management
Brand asset management

Make the workflow for creating and ordering branded items, products and services entirely self-serviced

Define what to offer and create self-serviced workflows for producing and ordering brand and marketing material, products and services with Marketing Shop. Manage orderable items and connect to printers, vendors and media group of your choice. Ease your workload, shorten time-to-market, minimize errors and secure your brand management. With Marketing Shop you establish a standard and guideline for all your offerings and you make sure you are always on brand with everything from print to giveaways.

Brand asset management with brand management solution


Self-serviced online shop with brand management solution


Provide marketing material, campaign assets, giveaways and more. Connect Marketing Shop to other BrandMaster modules and combine your online store with campaigns or other activities and present packaged communication. Seamless workflows for your users allowing them to easily process their needs from a-z.

Online templates with brand management solution

Template integration

Connect to Template Technology and make adjustable templates available for ordering and allow your users localized material, connect to a printer or download files. All in one seamless process.

Event ticket handling with brand management solution

Ticket integration

Connect with Campaign Manager and offer tickets for events. Control attendance with QR code and web app connected to the event and collect statistics for later analysis of performance.

vendor management with brand management solution

Vendor management

Add vendors to your shop and organize based on your needs; e.g. localization or preferred vendor and establish direct ordering and purchase processes.

sent-to-print with brand management solution

Media management

Add media groups to your shop and ensure flawless distribution of ads, banners, job adverts etc. with correct formats and file type.



Audit trail

Get full audit trail of every order. See when and how many orders are received and quantity of sales, also see when connected assets are downloaded.

Full flexibility

Create a web shop that suits your organizational needs, Marketing Shop provides full flexibility.


Structure your web shop in categories based on the type of item for an easy to useinterface.


Enable multiple items to be ordered in one click for easy workflow.

File type

Marketing Shop accepts all file types and there are no limits for what you can include.


BrandMaster applications

Offer your articles in context of  other BrandMaster applications such as Brand Center or connect directly with a campaign in Campaign Manager when necessary to package different elements in one view and create effective workflows.


Connect your available products to different vendors and enable direct ordering of chosen material. Eliminate unecessary processes and work load.



Achieve efficient workflows by allowing your purchasers to access your web shop and have them administrate their items as necessary.

Product managers

Allow your product managers to organize and manage products themselves and achieve efficient workflows.

Solutions by Marketing Shop

Brand Management

Brand Store

Offer all your branded material like ready-made print materials and giveaways, and connect to local vendors for print services or ordering and ensure seamless logistics with the use of Marketing Shop.

Marketing Management

Online Ordering

Connect your digital assets to Marketing Shop and create automated and seamless processes for printing, ordering and distributing your assets.

Employer Brand Management

Employee Equipment

Make available necessary employee equipment in a self-serviced online shop.


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