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Transparent digital asset management 24/7

Media Bank – DAM (digital asset management software) collects, organizes and enables sharing of brand and marketing assets in one place. Collect print material, presentations, documents, videos, images and more in one single location and let your organization access your media assets 24/7. Gain absolute control of your media asset distribution and make sure only approved assets are in circulation. Get in-depth knowledge and statistics of what assets are downloaded and make adjustments on the fly.

Media Bank brings your media management to a whole new level!


Digital asset managment - media library for brand assets


Establish one single location for all digital assets for your entire organization or associates regardless of position, role, competences or location. Ensure transparent teamwork and seamless workflows with DAM – digital asset management.

Organize your media assets - digital asset management


Create lightboxes, archives and categories to organize your digital assets for ease of use and navigation. Our asset analysis creates tags, metadata and more. In combination, all assets become easy to organize.

Share your media assets with anyone in your organization - digital asset management


Share your digital assets with ease and cut down on requests and heavy e-mails. Work together to create the best content and share it with the rest of your company – or the world.

Protect your brand assets with digital asset management

Access control

Manage your digital media assets with advanced access control. Define administrators, contributors, readers etc. With proper structure and access control management, you ensure an easy-to-use DAM for your organization.



Drag and drop
Upload your assets with easy drag and drop from your desktop, or upload with our DAM connect mobile app and add metadata. Manage ownership, restrictions and expiration.
Asset analysis
When uploading your assets, an analysis of your file is performed to identify file type, text content, image content, orientation, file size, people, color, location, date, scenery and full XMP. The results are made searchable.
Lightbox functionality for elegant preview of DAM assets and collecting assets for sharing.
Version control
Version control provides full access to asset history and possibility to download historical versions.
Asset status
Manage your assets with publishing status (submitted, deleted or approved) to ensure only valid assets are in circulation.

Avoid publishing assets without authorization. Make sure you always know what is available and to whom.


BrandMaster applications

Connect Media Bank (DAM) to multiple BrandMaster applications, while maintaining administration and maintenance in Media Bank.

Third party

Publish your media assets to third parties such as YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo from Media Bank and ensure a secure and organized workflow.

DAM connect

Upload, publish or access assets on the go. Our app for iPhone and iPad lets you take your digital assets with you. Take pictures, add name, description and tags and upload directly to your media bank archive. Browse or search through your Lightboxes and sync offline.

DAM plugin

Pick and include any content from your DAM archives into any application for professional and consistent presentations. The plugin integrates with all BrandMaster applications as well as third party software for easy workflow.


Brand Managers

Brand Managers know the brand assets best, they know what is accepted, and with the right tools can administrate the assets best. Allow them to organize brand assets in the DAM archive and create a unified processes.


Images are right reserved assets and often one of the most valuable brand assets you have. Having the system to efficiently collect images regardless of photographer is essential to secure what is rightfully yours. Keep control of your property by allowing photographers to upload images to your DAM and avoid having images stored in different servers with different photographers.


Designed material is a valued assets and important to keep track of. Allow designers from external buraus to upload files to your DAM and collect them in one place. Secure your digital assets and get complete overview of your belongings.

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HR Management

Employee image gallery

Collect images and videos from internal events and share from one common platform.

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