Template Technology

Self-serviced online templates for brand consistency

Template Technology

Self-serviced online templates for brand consistency

Online indesign templates with template technology
Online indesign templates with template technology
Brand Management with online template technology

Self-serviced templates for easy workflow and brand management.

Achieving brand consistency while allowing local adaption and design flexibility, often results in significant costs – unless managed by online design templates.

Our Template Technology provides the perfect balance between centralized marketing and local freedom followed by reduced time-to-market, agency costs and resources spent supporting local requests. Our unique Template Technology provides easy to use online templates that enables everyone in your organization to customize, adapt and create local material within our online self-service solution.

Your design templates can easily be connected to any of our other applications to ensure seamless marketing and brand management.


create print material with online templates

Print templates

Create seamless workflows and allow your employees and partners to create desired material online with powerful and flexible web-to-print templates. The templates are created directly from Adobe Indesign files and you decide what elements can or can not be changed by the users. No indesign skills or knowledge required.

Design your ads with online templates

Ad templates

Create responsive and flexible web ad and banner templates with animations and transitions. Adapt to local requirements without breaking brand consistency. Templates can be responsive and scale to different sizes and format while still aligning to brand guidelines.

Create e-mail templates for e-mail marketing

E-mail  templates

Create responsive e-mail templates for e-mail marketing. Allows for flexible layouts with elements like pictures, text boxes and buttons . The templates are created in our campaign manager module and allows you to communicate with your desired target groups with news, offers, invitations, activities and more.

Design your SoMe graphics with online templates

SoMe templates

Make sure your social media assets are optimized and consistent in all platforms. Create social media templates for easy customization and localization throughout your organization. Predefine formats, file types and crops. Make your templates editable from Template Technology or as downloadable assets from Media Bank.

Create web based landing pages for your marketing activities

Landing page templates

Create templates for events and marketing activities and present your information in a branded web page. The templates are created from our campaign manager module which allow you to create responsive landing pages optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Design event templates online for seamless workflow

Event templates

Build powerful event templates for kick-offs, product launches, seminars and more with predefined messages for SMS and e-mail. Organize your events by including a predefined target group, communication and follow up by SMS and email, a responsive landing page with event information, program, attendees and questionnaires.

Create online branded questionnaires with online templates

Survey templates

Create templates for different surveys required in your organization by different department and ensure that your surveys aligned with your brand and keeps one tone-of-voice regardeless of survey type and from what department the survey is sent from.

Predefine media templates for easy workflow

Automated booking templates

Predefine both templates and media and create seamless workflows for your users by allowing customization and media booking in one operation. Either connect your templates to Template Technology for customization or create downloadable files from your Media Bank and send to media for distribution. 



Responsive in-design templates

Flexible indesign templates that scale to different sizes and formats defined by you.

Color palettes

Define your company brand colours and make them available in your  templates. Allows for local flexibility and adaption without compromising your brand profile.

Font manager

Pre-define your corporate fonts. Your fonts become fixed in all templates for any channel – web, print, email and landing page.


Ensure localization of ads and media booking with pre-defined bookings. Reminders are sent automatically before deadline and enables automation to secure ad distribution.

Responsive and animated templates

Flexible web templates for any format with optional animations and transitions. Download your required format (HTML5, Flash, Gif, png, jpeg) with a few clicks.

Batch creation

Send multiple ads with different content, dimensions and receipients  in one single step. . . With our Batch tool you can make it to market weeks before the competition.


Advanced template publishment with automatic workflow and fill-in collected from datasets and hierarchy.


What you see is what you get. Edit text, graphics and layout in real-time. All changes are reflected instantly on screen making it easy to see the end-result regardless of what media or channel or media you choose.

Element Control

Control what elements in a template that can be changed, what have to change and what elements to lock. Allows for local flexibility and adaption while protecting your brand and staying brand consistent.

InDesign server

Converts InDesign files into templates in seconds.


Available in and compatible with spanish, german, french, arabic, english and more.


Media database

Make sure local ads get’s created in correct design and format and sent in time to media. With BrandMaster MRM, local departments can create and send locally adapted ads to media based on pre-defined bookings or local initiatives. Reminders are automatically sent out when the deadline approaches.

Graphic asset libraries

Make sure correct logo and images are always used. Define format variables for all your templates, define various logo types that are allowed and make sure your digital assets are always in-line with your brand profile. In combination with Datasets this technlogy assures pre-filled information dependent on user log in.


Pre-populate templates with contact information based on logged in user or department and combine with the Asset Libraries to make sure as much as possible is filled in for you to ease your workflow.

Approved images

Insert approved images from pre-approved selections or search through the Media Bank. Correct cropping, size and format are created on the fly by the system.



Regardless of localization and which print-house, provide access to your templates in BrandMaster and make sure that everyone is using the correct templates. Connect with your print-houses with direct links or with our Marketing Shop.

Creative agency

Let your creative agencys have access to upload productions and  achieve transparency across your agencies. Collect your templates and make sure your control what templates are available and to whom.

Media agency

By letting your collaborators in media have access to your templates, you do not have to worry about incorrect branding, layout and communication as everything is prepared and ready to use.

Internal departments

Control who has access to what templates and ensure a smooth and easy to use workflow. There is no need for any designer or indesign skills, as all templates are pre-made and ready to use.

Solutions by Template Technology

Brand Management

Online Brand Templates

Use Template Technology and convert your indesign templates and similar to online templates and let your users create their own material with ease without compromising your brand.

Marketing Management

Marketing Material Creation

Make your marketing material available for local adjustments and creations without compromizing your brand identity and layout rules.

Social Media Marketing

Design and share your social media assets and templates with simplicity. Make assets and templates available through Media Bank or Template Technology and allow local creations of your social media assets without compromzing your brand identity.

Employer Brand Management

Recruitment Ad Templates

Easy creation of correctly branded recruitment ads without involving designers.


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