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With BrandMaster we collect all our pictures to make it easy for employees all over the country to see and “borrow” from each other. We also collect all marketing materials, like house prospectuses and ads, to make it easy for our sales staff to see and get inspired by marketing efforts by other offices.

Katrine Neergaard Marketing Consultant

Block Watne is one of the largest residential builders in Norway. The core business is developing housing projects and building quality homes at reasonable prices. Housing production includes single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes and apartments. They deliver annually around 1,000 homes through own residential projects and for individual customers. Since the 1950s they have delivered nearly 100,000 homes! Block Watne owned by OBOS Group.


Block Watne has 19 regional offices throughout Norway and over a thousand housing projects ongoing during the year. Since 1950 the company has delivered nearly 100 000 homes and has earned huge amounts residential and interior photos of their projects.

They wanted a common system for storing and organizing all marketing materials, logos and images – available to employees and partners at all times. Aligning activities across residential projects and achieve synergies. In addition, they wanted a system that made it easy for employees to order marketing material from the advertising agency themselves.

Yearly projects


Regional offices



By using several products in BrandMaster MRM Block Watne achieved the wishes they had regarding a common solution.

By using an online marketing system, employees and partners have access to all marketing material when they need it without having to think about who made it, or who used it last.

They have access to their orders at all times and can follow status updates for each order and product.



Mediabank (DAM)

Media Bank (DAM)

Everything in one place. Always available. Always updated.

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Push pictures from the Media Bank (DAM) directly to ads on

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Marketing Shop

Marketing Shop

Let your organization order marketing materials and services directly!

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use the same system


use the system each month


control on material, orders and brand

One common system

Using our Media Bank (DAM) they now have a common system for storing and organizing all marketing material, all prospectuses and advertisements, logos and pictures. The system is available to both employees and partners at all times and they are not dependent on others to find what they need. Sales staff can using the integration with select photos to their ads and send them directly from the Media Bank (DAM) to their ads.


They have achieved synergies across departments since salespeople can view all activities and projects taking place other places in the country at any time and be inspired. Sellers can easily “borrow” images and ideas from each other and make small changes to previously used material to adapt it to their own needs.

In control

With the Marketing Shop sales staff have complete control on all orders sent to the advertising agency and media, and can easily reuse previously ordered materials.

Administrators have full control over all activities across the country and can easily get an overview of all bookings made across departments, how much the system is used each month and which departments are not active.

We get good service and follow-up from our contacts in BrandMaster. They see solutions together with us and offer suggestions on how things can be solved in a better way. We feel well taken care of!
Katrine Neergaard

Marketing Consultant, Block Watne

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