Svensk Fastighetsförmedling – Estate agents with control

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling was established in 1937 by Eric H. Lundgren with a clear vision of becoming a national real estate group with the best real estate agents. 

Since then Svensk Fastighetsförmedling has grown to become Swedens largest real estate company, offering potential home buyers assistance both in selling and purchasing their home. 

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With BrandMaster we present our brand guidelines, share our campaign planning, news, marketing and brand assets as well as having promotional items available for ordering. Consequently, our marketing department has the ability to communicate and work towards our franchise offices more efficiently and unified.

Maria Sånge

Art Director and Brand Manager, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling


Real Estate offices

Yearly residental sales

The objective

Our previous portal lacked funtionality necessary for a flexible and more streamlined administration as well as search functionality. 

For that reason our materiel was spread in several channels and platform, thus difficult to locate for our users. The platform was not user-friendly and did not appeal or motivate use nor inspiration. 

Their needs

With a nationwide organization consisting of more than 200 offices and 1200 employees, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling needed an efficient and seamless working process for sharing marketing material, brand guidelines, campaign information, news and offering promotional items. 

We also needed a solution that could grow with our future needs, and giving us the ability to change when necessary. 

The solution

Brand Center

Svensk Fastighetförmedling has created a Brand Center customized to suit their work flow as well as content needs.

Marketing material and brand assets are important components in their daily operations. From posters and brochures to items needed at open house. For users to easy locate what they need, the most important and most used materiel is collected for quick access in start page.

Remaining content, including a well defined brand book, a marketing calendar and a webshop, is nicely presented with suitable titles fitted to Svensk Fastighetsförmedling user flow.

Media Bank

Media Bank is the main application behind Brand Center.

A wide range of asset types are available from their Media Bank. Video/animations, icons, patterns, sound files and scrips for radio commercials and more are neatly collected and organized by the marketing department at Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.

Their Brand Center structure ensures their users can find and download or share with ease. And for the central marketing department, they have one place for all – ensuring 100% valid assets 24/7.


Marketing Shop

Apart from print and other typical brand assets, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling also need to provide a wide range of branded promotional items to their offices and employees.

Whether it is items for open house, the office, local events or more, all offices can easily order items from their web shop created by Marketing Shop.

With a mutual web shop for the entire company, no office or employee need to be creative themselves. Simultaneously, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling controlls stock turnover and can take advantage of economies of scale.

Campaign Manager

During the year, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling plan and execute a variety of marketing campaigns.

For predictability, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling initatives are organized in a marketing plan created in Campaign Manager and presented in their Brand Center.

Users can enter any campaign and from there get necessary information as well as download or purchase attached assets. This ensures that all offices do not miss out on campaigns and can follow through as intended by the marketing department.


Seamless workflows


Unified communciation

Increase efficiency


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