With our new reporting tool you get an easy overview of system usage as well as in-depth knowledge on content performance and orders. After all, when it comes to marketing – knowledge is power.

Key to successful implementation of any IT system is consistant usage. With our new reporting tool you can easily measure system usage over time to ensure optimal and correct usage of the system. The Dashboard gives you an easy overview over system usage for the entire year and makes it easy to compare to earlier periods.

See how your content performs

From the Dashboard you can drill down to specific reports on all parts of the BrandMaster MRM-system like user behaviour, page usage in the brand center, downloading and sharing of assets from the Media Bank,  use of templates and orders and costs on orderable items.

You can easily see what content performs the best and what content needs updating to perform better, as well as tracking volume and overall costs of orders throughout the organization.

Connect to Business Intelligence software to see even more effect

BrandMaster Reporting is made to let you continue to  work with the Business Intelligence software you already use. Connect it as a source to software like Tableau, Clikview, Microstrategy or other BI software to see even more effect. Compare with data from your ERP system to see how much sale your marketing efforts generate.

With our new reporting tool you are in control. Stop guessing and know how your content performs.

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