Save valuable time by sending advertisements directly to media publications!

The Marketing Shop lets your organization order marketing materials and services directly. It gives you a personalized entrance to ordering all of your organizations marketing material, ads, brochures, give aways and anything else. You can easily order both stock or on-demand articles and services from multiple vendors at the same time, and mange your order history and audit trail from multiple vendors in one place.

Through the Marketing Shop you have always had the possibility to connect an article, asset or template to a vendor for ordering or printing – now you can send directly to media publications like newspapers and magazines as well!


Connect media group directly to your ad

Administrators can now choose to connect a Media Group directly to an article.

This lets users send advertisements and other material directly to media publications like newspapers and magazines.

Full control over ordered advertisements​

You have full control over ordered media in order history. See when the newspaper or magazine downloaded your ad.

Administration of media groups

Administrators can upload entire list of media publications and easily maintain them directly in the Marketing Shop.

Let users provide unlisted media

Choose if users shall be able to add unlisted media and override standard e-mail recipient.

This let’s departments add e.g. local newspapers and magazines, as well as the possibility to send to a local contact person.

Want an easy way to send ads directly to media?

Contact us for a free demo to see how easy you can send ads directly to media publications!

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