Experienced and professional marketing and brand management team at your service!


Experienced and professional marketing and brand management team at your service!

Dedicated to your success

Supplying well-known brands all over the world with marketing and brand management solutions

BrandMaster has experienced personnel consisting of consultants, graphic designers and developers with long-term experience from the industry. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to make sure your solution is implemented and applied to the best of its potential ensuring quality of life. Our customers will always have a dedicated account manager to support you, backed up by a team of specialist.

Expert consultancy

Our business and process consultants have unparalleled domain expertise gained through many years of working with branding- and marketing automation, advising our customers on how to align the organization and external partners with recommended solutions and processes. This to get the most out of the capabilities provided by our MRM platform and help you find time and money that can be spent better.

Proof of concept

For large or complex projects we recommend a proof of concept, or a pre-project, where expectations for the final deliverable are calibrated between customer and BrandMaster. In close dialogue with the customer, specific needs are identified, and concrete solutions are proposed. The output is a report to be signed by customer and BrandMaster, where an activity plan with milestones is a central part.

Proof of Concept will secure a successful implementation of your branding- and marketing automation solution.

Brand management support
Digital Asset Management solution
Designing templates online

Project management

Project management secures that all aspects of the project are planned and executed in a manner that meets the defined objectives. Projects are steered to stay within agreed scope, timeline, and budget – ensuring satisfied customers.

An essential factor for a successful implementation of our branding- and marketing automation solution is close dialoge with our customers and their dedication to meet the end goal.

Setup and migration

All applications in BrandMasters branding- and marketing automation platform are built for self-explaination and self-service- allowing you to test, configure and start using your new solution all by yourself.

Our services are available to help you tailor the system to specific needs. Examples of this might be to set up the user interface to 100% match your corporate style guides, or assist you in setting up the initial navigation or metadata schema.

Our experts share willingly their broad experience gained through many years with branding- and marketing automation experience.

Template creation

Intelligent templates protect brand identity and ensures brand consistency. With our easy to use Indesign and WYSIWYG Template Technology you can create templates for online and printed channels directly from InDesign files.

Our template experts have extensive experience in building advanced templates intended for reusability – which in turn saves time and money for your organization.



We believe that a marketing and brand management solution should be an integrated part of your business processes – also technically. Our customers are experiencing additional synergies, cost reductions, and time savings when their systems speaks fluently with another.

Example on integrations BrandMaster can help you realize:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) (ADFS 2.0, oAuth 1.1 & oAuth 2.0 protocols.)
  • Integration with ERP
  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with CMS systems (Alfresco, Canto Cumulus, EPI Server, etc)
  • Integration with Microsoft Office

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The BrandMaster MRM system is easy to use and self explaining. We do however recommend a minimum training for administrators to ensure that the system is utilized in an optimal way. With our broad competence and long experience we educate all parts of your organization and partners (administrators, super users, creative agencies, media agencies, vendors, end users, etc).

We also offer customized training videos, tutorials, online surveys, and user guides.



BrandMaster offers support on many levels by e-mail, phone, and chat. Our expert consultants share willingly their best practice experience from various industries in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, or Norwegian.