New features makes coordination and collaboration across global marketing teams easier.


Share and collaborate marketing plans with global marketing teams

Coordination and collaboration across global marketing teams can be challenging. Different focus and local KPI’s means that focus get spread and makes it hard to focus on globally planned campaign and activities.

To make this challenge even harder many marketeers still rely on offline tools to plan and coordinate their marketing plans. Syncing spreadsheets or email calendars across departments or regions can be a tedious and unsatisfactory solution. Resulting in manual work, different versions of the marketing plan co-exciting and lack of synergies.

With the Campaign Manager marketeers get an online tool to efficiently plan, coordinate and execute marketing campaigns and activities, both global and local, all in one strong solution. To make this even easier we are introducing som great new options to work with and share marketing plans. Read more below or learn more about Campaign Manager here.

See how different departments view the Marketing Calendar

To make it easier for global marketing executives and administrators to visually see how local departments and regions see the Marketing Calendar we have added user groups to filters.

This makes it easy to see how different user groups see Campaigns and Activities and make adjustments accordingly.

Save calendar views

Save different parts of your marketing calendar as views. You can easily define what should be visible, and what would be possible to change using search, filters and settings on the view. Define default period, default view (Gantt, Map, Timeline, Card) and more.

This makes it easy to switch between different markets, regions, time periods and more with just a click.

Share saved calendar views

Easily share calendar views internally or externally.

Sharing saved views gives you the possibility to share relevant parts of your marketing calendar with colleagues or partners.

Using Digital Signage-solutions you can share upcoming activities and events on the big screen. Great for keeping your entire team up to date with your plans.