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Sigdal chose BrandMaster MRM

Sigdal is a well-known brand who has provided beautiful kitchens to residences in Norway for years. To be the preferred producer and supplier demands beneficial and effective solutions that meet all needs and secure advantageous working processes for all stakeholders.

In Sigdal municipality in Buskerud lies the Sigdal factory. Since 1950, they have produced kitchen furnishings with good Norwegian handicrafts and are today one of the leading suppliers in Norway. In 2018 they still hold a solid position in their market as the preferred provider of modern and smart kitchens.

To maintain their position in the market and strengthen their existing brand, Sigdal, requires reliable communication with dealers in combination with adequate distribution of marketing materiel. That way, Sigdal ensures consistent availability of their brand and profiled articles.

With 54 dealers in Norway, Sigdal needed a solution that covered diverse needs combined with user-friendly and seamless working flows. Immediate delivery on demand, as well as availability of downloadable marketing material was essential to ensure that dealers have necessary material available in sales processes. In addition, they had the need to provide a self-service where dealers can log on to change and adjust store material to their own needs without compromising the Sigdal brand and order directly.

The combination of BrandMaster applications Media Bank, Template Technology and Marketing Shop, Sigdal will have a seamless solution that meets their requirements. For user-friendliness and easy navigation, Sigdal also chose Brand Center to present all their content. Their Brand Center has been adjusted to Sigdals brand profile and designed to present everything from communication, digital files, templates, web shop and more. As a result, Sigdals solution provides a one-stop-shop for all their dealers and they will have complete control of all their material 24/7. Simultaneously, see what material is in use and by whom with BrandMasters dynamic report application.

“We needed a solution like BrandMaster to simplify and make available material, as well as provide better service and improve communication towards dealers and partners”. – Nils A. Bruun – Marketing Director – Sigdal.

About Sigdal

Sigdal was founded in 1950 and has since then produced quality furniture for kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms at their factory in Sigdal municipality, the home of 3500 citizens. Today, the factory has 160 employees, still with strong ties to their local community.

Sigdal is part of the Nobia group, one of Europe’s leading kitchen specialists. Nobia consists of more than 20 strong brands who design, produce and sell kitchen solutions.

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