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Brand awareness is hard-earned. It takes time to build a connection with customers and establish a genuine point of difference. You can’t put a price on this – through recall and recognition, your brand stands apart for all the right reasons. However, it’s a relationship that relies on consistency and your ability to maintain this position of strength.

Achieve brand consistency with brand assets

Building consistency with your brand assets

Stakeholders might not know what brand assets are, but they’d be quick to recognize them. Individually and collectively, assets give a brand its own identity – from the way it looks, to what it says. It’s one thing to create assets, you’ll also need to control the way they’re used. Brand Asset Management (BAM) is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Elevating control and compliance with Brand Asset Management

Collect and organize your brand assets
Share your brand assets with your stakeholders

How it all works

BAM is a platform that collects, organizes, shares and distributes brand assets across your company. It’s a key part of our integrated brand management system, which means it connects BAM with other applications such as guidelines and templates. These on-brand media files can then be packaged together by central marketing and accessed by regional or local teams from a single, central location.

Categorize your brand assets for ease of use

Effective brand management

It’s one of the great dilemmas faced by marketers everywhere: how to delegate responsibility for your brand and, at the same time, protect its integrity. Look no further than your brand assets to do the job. However, make sure they’re accessible and easy to use or your colleagues will take matters into their own hands and create their own.

Life is a whole lot simpler when you manage and supply digital assets from a central platform. Do this and brand inconsistency and errors will be a thing of the past.


Cost efficiencies

Avoids the need to re-create or make manual adjustments for localization.

Asset protection

Your assets are valuable so protect them in a secure, central location.

Protect brand identity

Pre-defined assets are always on-brand and accessible from one place.

Secure brand consistency

Smooth distribution of assets from platform to user.

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