Protect your brand with brand asset management solution
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Establish brand stand-out with BAM

Brand awareness in hard-earned. It takes time to build a connection with customers and stand out from the crowd. Through recall and recognition, your brand stands apart for all the right reasons. However, it’s a relationship that relies on consistency and your ability to maintain your market position. With a brand asset management solution, this job is a whole lot easier, let’s have a look at what that means.


Control your brand identity with brand asset management
Achieve brand consistency with brand asset management solution

Protect your brand identity

Brand assets are the elements that give a brand its own identity – from the way it looks, to what it says. Creating them is one thing, controlling how they are used, is another. Brand Asset Management (BAM) is the solution you’ve been looking for.

By using Brand HUB and DAM, you’ll establish seamless brand asset management that gives you the control you need to protect your brand identity.

How our Brand Asset Management solution works

Avoid brand disruption wiith brand asset management solution
Apply your brand correctly with a Brand Asset Management solution

Put your brand into context with BAM

By connecting your brand guidelines with your brand assets, you’re closing the gap between theory and practise. And this is what a Brand Asset Management solution does. This is where guidelines become practical and your assets usable – securing brand identity through every stakeholder and channel.

Connect your brand guidelines with your brand assets
Deliver your brand with ease, achieve brand recognition

Making your brand practical

A Brand Asset Management solution collects, organizes, and delivers brand assets with ease. It’s a key part of our brand management platform, which means it connects your brand identity guidelines with all types of brand assets, adjustable and static, making it easy for anyone to apply your brand.

Consistent brand delivery at ease
Control your brand with brand asset management solution

Controlling your brand output

It’s one of the great dilemmas by marketers everywhere; how to delegate responsibility for your brand, and at the same time, controlling the brand output. A brand asset management solution will do this job for you.

Life is a whole lot simpler when you control and supply everything from one central location. Brand inconsistency will be a thing of the past and brand control will be at ease with a solid Brand Asset Management solution.

BAM Benefits

Cost efficiencies

Avoids the need to re-create or make manual adjustments for localization.

Brand asset protection

Your assets are valuable so protect them in a secure, central location.

Protect brand identity

Pre-defined assets are always on-brand and accessible from one place.

Secure brand consistency

Smooth distribution of assets from platform to user.

Controlling a global brand

BWM needed to centralize their brand while staying control of their local brand output. With our Brand HUB and DAM application, brand consistency and unified communication across all markets and stakeholders are at ease.

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling image
Svensk Fastighetsförmedling image

Securing brand identity

A wide range of assets types required a system to secure a consistent brand. By connecting Brand HUB with their DAM, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling was able to put their assets into brand context, seamless and practical.

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