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A strong brand is a consistent brand. But it is not a job for the fainted hearts. Establishing brand recognition and becoming the preferred brand requires dedication and efforts. With Digital Brand Identity Guidelines this job becomes a whole lot easier. This is where you connect your brand with the brand assets and ensures a transparent and functional brand that everyone can relate to.

Why you need brand identity guidelines?
Establish brand consistency with BAM

Why digital brand identity guidelines?

A brand is in constant change, adapting to marketing trends and rapid market needs. It’s easy to get lost in translation. How do you avoid brand confusion and off-brand assets? By creating and managing your brand online, this is a no-brainer. Adapt and grow your brand in real-time and stay true to your brand identity.

How digital brand identity guidelines works

Make your brand understandable
Provide digital brand identity guidelines

Improve brand understanding

Don’t resort to a PDF with dos and don’ts. Instead, use the HUB to create digital brand guidelines that set a benchmark for brand compliance, helping your colleagues respond quickly to requests for marketing material and brand assets. Presented in Brand HUB, your guidelines will be accessible to all authorized users and available 24/7.

Collect and present your brand identity guidelines from one platform

Setting the brand standard

Building a brand demands consistency, and without guidelines this job is hard.  All it takes is for one person to break rank, change the font, colors, and images, and it gives others the green light to do the same. This won’t go unnoticed and when things start to unravel, it’s a sign that brand standards have dropped. To avoid this happening and maintain consistency, digital brand identity guidelines set the standard as the single source of truth.

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Establishing a practical brand

Even with brand guidelines, rules can be broken. A common error and usually because guidelines and assets are in different locations. Impractical and difficult as it is, users will strive to put your brand into good use. By placing brand guidelines in context with the actual brand assets, you are killing two birds with one stone. Digital brand identity guidelines is what you need to put your brand into good use.

Brand identity guidelines makes brand asset management so much easier. Think of them as one single source of truth, a trusted guide for your teams and agencies.


Brand consistency

Establish a single point of reference for all stakeholders.

Always updated

Make changes in real-time and share valid content with colleagues.

Always available

Users have 24/7 online access to brand identity guidelines and related information.

Brand control

Manage access, usage and availability of guidelines and keep them up to date.

Brand alignment

All users have access to the same content which eliminates errors and confusion.

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Securing a global brand identity

Responding to fast market needs required us to set up a brand management platform to help us enforce deliveries of marketing collateral swiftly and on brand. With everything in one place, we can deliver our brand to all markets consistent and on time without breaking the brand identity.

Natures menu brand processes
Natures menu brand processes

Aligning the brand with customer demands

Our brand consistency is at peace of mind. Our brand management platform makes sure everything is always 100% correct and we have complete control of our brand in every channel.

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