Establish one source of truth for your brand guidelines

Many marketers assume the role of Brand Manager whether they like it or not. It comes with the territory, adding a further layer of responsibility to an already demanding role. However, the fact is it’s an important job – one that is made a lot easier when there are guidelines in place to remind everyone what the brand is all about.

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Communicate your brand guidelines

Setting the record straight

Over time, things can get lost in translation. Take branding for example. It has created a language all of its own, some of it baffling. And that’s the problem. In the workplace, this causes confusion and uncertainty. Brand Guidelines cut through the noise and provide clear, concise instructions that make sense to all stakeholders.

Elevating marketing performance with brand identity guidelines

Secure brand consistency with Brand HUB

Guidelines improve understanding and compliance

Don’t resort to a list of dos and don’ts. Instead, use the platform to create guidelines that set a benchmark for brand compliance and help your marketing teams and their channel partners respond quickly to requests for marketing material. Located centrally in Brand HUB, your guidelines will be accessible to all authorized users and available 24/7.

Collect and present your brand identity guidelines from one platform

Presenting your brand in a consistent manner

Your job would be more difficult without guidelines. All it takes is for one person to break rank, change the font, colors and images, and it gives others the green light to do the same. This won’t go unnoticed and when things start to unravel, it’s a sign that standards have dropped. To avoid this happening and maintain consistency, present your brand identity guidelines as the single source of truth.

Guidelines make brand management so much easier. Think of them as a single source of truth, a trusted reference for your teams and their agencies.


Brand consistency

Establish a single point of reference for all stakeholders.

Always updated

Make changes in real-time and share valid content with colleagues.

Always available

Users have 24/7 online access to brand identity guidelines and related information.

Brand control

Manage access, usage and availability of guidelines and keep them up to date.

Brand alignment

All users have access to the same content which eliminates errors and confusion.

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