Achieve brand consistency with design templates
Dynamic self-serviced design templates

It’s a scenario familiar to marketers everywhere – brand consistency is threatened by demand for new material from across the company. When everything is filtered through a single department, often at short notice, bottlenecks are inevitable. So, you need to adopt a different approach, one that strikes a balance and keeps everyone happy.

Secure brand consistency and seamless workflows

Securing consistency and seamless workflows

Back in the day, templates were regarded with suspicion – especially by designers, who claimed they suppressed creativity. We’ve never bought into this theory. In business, where time-to-market is the overriding priority, they encourage best practice to be shared across the organization. And when this resource is online and self-service, consistent brand communication doesn’t come at a price.

Elevating brand consistency and time-to-market

Provide your design templates with a self-serviced platform
Pre-set the standards of your brand identity

Setting high standards

Moving from an on-demand to a self-service system solves one problem – you’re no longer in reactive mode 24/7. Next, take things to the next level. By creating a library of pre-defined digital templates, you’ll establish a benchmark for design quality and brand adherence. And here’s the game-changer: you decide what can and cannot be changed.

Design templates for all marketing activities
Design templates for all devices

Templates for all your marketing requirements

You can create pre-defined templates for everything your teams need to execute marketing plans. Advertising, posters, emails, event invitations, brochures and more can be produced locally from flexible templates which allow users to customize content and make adjustments to document size and format. Working this way, local requirements are met and quality control is assured.

When your brand is communicated in a consistent manner, it sends out a positive message to customers, stakeholders and employees that the business behind the name is in good shape.


Increased efficiency

Automated process leads to seamless and efficient workflow management.

Reduced time-to-market

Self-service system eliminates time delays and missed deadlines.

Brand consistency

Pre-made templates make sure your material is always on-brand.

Dynamic operations

A system that’s continually evolving and improving to keep up with market requirements.

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