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Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote “Fail to prepare … prepare to fail” has particular resonance when it comes to marketing campaigns. There’s a lot to think about and the decisions that are made upfront can influence the outcome. When failure isn’t an option, you need a plan – one that lets everyone know what’s required to meet your outcomes.

Have full overview of your marketing campaings

Planning mitigates risk and uncertainty

Campaigns are complex projects to manage and there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. Think about it. They involve teams from different departments and office locations working independently on marketing activity that’s running concurrently and has to be delivered at the same time. With pressure points from start to finish, planning anticipates potential problems and mitigates these risks.

Elevating your marketing campaigns

Publish and plan your marketing campaigns with ease

At a glance management overview

We believe in keeping things as simple as possible. From experience, we know the challenges you face when managing multiple campaigns and have developed an online solution that ensures the three essential components – activity, timing, resources – are in perfect alignment. With this information updated on your calendar, you can see immediately if your plans are on target.

Central planning, local execution of marketing campaigns

Plan centrally, execute locally

Our online planner streamlines campaign coordination, communication and distribution all from one central location. It’s a key component of our brand management system which enables marketing teams working remotely to share assets and campaign material and have real-time access to activity schedules and project updates.

Avoid campaing nightmare! Take control sitting down and secure seamless campaign management.


Efficient planning

Plan activity and pre-set your schedule using the calendar.

Transparent coordination

The automated process gives everyone access to campaign plans.

Align campaign execution

Monitor input of marketing teams, distributors and channel partners.

Control distribution

Centralize distribution from one source to avoid potential conflict and misunderstanding.

Always updated

Respond in real-time to changes, update the plan and share with your team.

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