Centralize your marketing material
Control the output of your brand

Centralizing the design and distribution of marketing material has many advantages. It allows you to maintain quality control and make sure the brand guidelines are followed. However, this authority comes at a price – colleagues will be knocking on your door for the collateral they need and if you can’t meet demand, there’s a good chance they’ll create their own.

Seamless distribution of marketing material
online management of marketing material

Creating a seamless system for supply and distribution

We’re pleased to say that this scenario is avoidable. Our platform allows your colleagues to download and purchase marketing material and localize the content. They can do this online, with access to a full range of branded collateral – everything that’s needed for local campaigns and events is available in one place.

Elevating the distribution of marketing material

Self-serviced on demand system
Order marketing material online

A self-service, on-demand system

We’ve designed a platform that makes the process simpler and quicker. Think of it as a self-service, online shop that’s open 24/7 for the exclusive use of your colleagues. Everything ‘for sale’ is on-brand and many items can be customized to meet local requirements – digital templates take care of that.

Create and share marketing material online
Seamless sharing is effective workf

Create and share on-brand material

The system is set up to best meet the demand for marketing material from across your company. It is designed to make bottlenecks a thing of the past and to help your colleagues source what they need quickly. Material is available as downloads or easy-to-use adjustable templates and users can also send files to approved supply chain partners.

Make bottlenecks a thing of the past and help your colleagues source what they need quickly. Distributing marketing material has never been easier.


Central management

Control and share distribution of material across departments and countries.

Local execution

Self-service operation and local customization streamline working processes.

Easy maintenance

Remove old material and keep your shop refreshed with new collateral.

Full control

Monitor usage across the company and review stock levels regularly.

Brand consistency

Only approved on-brand material is available for sale and distribution.

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Guy D'Andrea

Managing Director US