Create videos with pre-defined templates
Powerful video marketing in a few simple steps

Video delivers the type of dynamic, high-quality content that marketers are turning to in huge numbers. Search engines love it too. As a foil to more traditional channels, it’s become a must-have marketing tool – a format that’s informative, engaging, accessible and persuasive. Also, the stats tell us that video boosts conversion rates and brand awareness, so what’s not to like?

High quality videos with video templates
Pre-defined video templates for effective video marketing

Adapting to the new normal

In the old days, video was beyond the reach of most businesses. Often perceived as an expensive luxury, its place in the marketing mix was never guaranteed – but not anymore. Now, it would be unthinkable to exclude video. We’ve made it possible for you to create and customize great video content and share it with your customers. The process is controlled by templates and easy to follow.

Elevating your video marketing

Video creator software
Easily adapt your video formats with pre-defined video templates

Create professional-quality videos

Using our Video Creator software, pre-defined templates control the process and allow you to edit and customize the content, adding text, graphics, images and sound simply by selecting the media files you want. Also, the system takes care of all the techie stuff like FPS and file size – as the process is automated, your video will be presented in the correct format for the chosen platform.

Create personalized videos in a heartbeat
Target your market with personalized videos

Don’t forget the basics

It’s easy to get carried away with all the easy-to-use video technology at your fingertips. Yes, you’re looking for high production values and a slick presentation, but don’t forget the purpose. Ultimately, good content relies on what you’re looking to achieve, so start with a storyboard, establish your objective and key message, and always remain focused on your target audience.

We’ve made it possible for you to create great company videos and target your customers with dynamic content that’s relevant and is guaranteed to bring your brand to life.


Flexible approach

Templates make it possible to customize content for different audiences.


Video-editing or design skills are not required – just follow the step-by-step guide.

Cost savings

Videos can be produced in-house with no third party costs using the creator tool.


With all media assets at hand, the process can be completed quickly.

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