Create videos with video templates
Pre-defined video templates keeps you on brand

Create smashing marketing videos in an instant

Video delivers the type of dynamic, high-quality content that marketers are turning to in huge numbers. Search engines love it too. Our video template software is a must-have marketing tool. With pre-defined video templates at hand, creating informative and engaging marketing videos is piece of cake.


Create videos, professional and high-quality with video templates
Stay on brand with video templates

Why do you need video templates?

Video marketing is the new normal. Excluding videos is unthinkable, but still both an expensive and time-consuming asset to manage. Until now… Our video templates makes it possible for you to create and customize great video content in seconds. The process is controlled by pre-defined video templates, easy and always on-brand.

Elevate your video marketing

Video creator software
Easily adapt your video formats with pre-defined video templates

Create videos as a pro

Creating videos with our software is easy. Pre-defined templates control the process and allow you to edit and customize the content, adding text, graphics, images and sound simply by selecting the media files you want. Also, the system takes care of all the techie stuff like FPS and file size – as the process is automated, your video will be presented in the correct format for the chosen platform.

Create personalized videos with video templates
Video creator software makes video creation easy

Stay on-brand and personal

Video marketing will fail without brand consistency. With video templates ready to go, failure is not an option. Establish your key message and target your audience with a few clicks. You can even personalize your videos for the extra touch. Before you know it, your videos are ready, on-brand and personal.

Video templates makes it possible to create smashing video marketing content – Quickly, seamless and relevant. It’s guaranteed to give life to your brand.


Flexible approach

Templates make it possible to customize content for different audiences.


Video-editing or design skills are not required – just follow the step-by-step guide.

Cost savings

Videos can be produced in-house with no third party costs using the creator tool.


With all media assets at hand, the process can be completed quickly.

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