Upload and Organize

Upload and organize content

Organize and browse your creative materials, logos, and pictures in a familiar folder structure and share it with your organization 24/7.

Search and metadata

Do a quick search or a targeted search using our easy to use metadata and classification system. Finding content has never been easier.

Approval work flow

Review messaging and CI compliance on marketing materials created by your organization before they are being sent to media or customers.

Create from templates

Make template from InDesign files

Upload your InDesign layout and make it in to an advanced template within minutes. You decide the layout behaviour and what should be editable.


Enjoy the power and control of real-time manipulation of text and pictures. What you see is truly what you get.

Layout and Content control

Get full control of layout behaviour, even in rezizable ads. Control how text and pictures can be adapted by your marketers.

Share and Distribute

Book and distribute to media

Send files to your media through an e-mail with a link. Booking/ordering forms ensure that the recipient recieves the necessary information.

Collateral ordering

Fill your shopping cart with items to order and let the system place the orders to the corresponding vendors, even with material created from templates.

Vendors and Customers

Order your new business card at the printer or distribute a customized e-mail campaign to potential customers.

Inform and Communicate

Online campaign briefs

Share your campaign information online within minutes. Help your marketers reach targets through links to materials and a marketing plan.

Online brand guidlines

Update your design rules online and share it with your marketers to avoid the use of old brand logos and designs.

Marketing newsletters

Update your organization on new campaigns or brand guidelines. Deep links will allow your users to go directly to the content you refer to.

Plan and Budget

Central plan, local participation

Build and execute the marketing plan centrally and invite your organization to participate with local plans and budgets.

Budget and spend registration

Put the fun back in to marketing plan execution with as-you-go budgeting and spend management.

Sales targets vs. Actual sales

Live correlation of forecasted and actual slaes. Combined with spend you will have a powerful ROMI (Return-On-Marketing-Investment) report.

Report and Measure

Campaign performance

Monitor how your organization use marketing materials and templates made available for a campaign.

Report drilldown

Use filters to customize reports to your exact need. Filter by campaign, geography, period, material type, and much more.

Enrich your reports

Integrate with other systems to include real time sales figures or other BI data, or simply download to Excel for post processing.

See how you can achieve this for your business!

Our online marketing platform is designed to help you control your brand and marketing campaigns with speed, control and cost effectively.