Brand Management

Brand Store

Share and distribute brand items from your own webshop

Brand Management

Brand Store

Share and distribute brand items from your own webshop

Brand Management solution
Brand Management solution

Market your brand with style

Collect your brand assets in a tailored Marketing Shop and market your brand with style.

Make sure everyone knows what is available and has easy access to important brand assets necessary for local marketing. Marketing Shop offers flexibility for customization and integration for seamless workflows with other BrandMaster applications or third party vendors.


Brand asset management with brand management solution


Work smarter

Update your web shop on the fly and communicate changes effectively.

Always updated

Avoid misunderstanding and use of outdated items with up to date web shop.

Always available

Reduce e-mail requests and time zone challenges. Users will always have access.

Unified communication

Communicate the same messages about your branded items to everyone in all languages.


Structure your shop with categories and menus tailored to your needs and make it comprehensible for your users.

Access control

Manage access levels for employees, agencies and public.

Effortless logistics

Connect your store to local vendors or printers and reduce costs related to shipping and freight.


Clear user interface guides your users through ensuring they locate and order items as they wish to.

Shorten time-to-market

Reduce intermediaries, your users will have their items at hand the moment they need it.


Bring your web shop to life by integrating capabilities from other BrandMaster modules.


See what assets are being ordered, what is more popular and what is not.

Other Brand Management Solutions


Online Brand Guidelines

Create online brand guidelines with Brand Center and communiate your brand identity and strategy with brand management software.

Brand Launch Management

Create and execute your brand launch campaign with ease. Ensure your launch is executed as intended and reaches your entire market and target groups as you planned.

Activity Planning

Ensure smooth implementation of your brand- and marketing activities and meet your deadlines with ease using Campaign Manager.

Online Brand Templates

Use Template Technology and convert your indesign templates and similar to online templates and let your users create their own material with ease without compromising your brand.

Share Brand Assets

Collect, organize and share your brand assets online with ease and ensure 100 % availability with a dynamic and flexible Media Bank.