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DAM, digital asset management

DC-X, the digital asset management tool mainly created and developed for the media industry providing News monitoring, Semantic search, Archiving, Workflow and Content creation intelligently in one system – for online, print and mobile devices.


Semantic Search

An extremely quick and simple search function, made possible by automatic Tagging (via the Semantic Engine) and Related Content analysis. It has never been easier to monitor and find the right Content.

Rights management

Assign access rights profiles and contracts to documents during import. The profiles are shown to all users and can be selectively overridden, for example, in order to block a document.

Content Sharing

DC-X connects all employees of your editorial department or your company. Hundreds of concurrent users can work together and share content – even if they are spread over different sites.

Workflow management

Manage complex workflows via the Task manager and integrated Topic scheduling. Create topics and assign related tasks such as Research and media uploads.


Publishing Suite

With the DC Publishing suite, users can create content within DC-X using a comfortable story editor. It integrates a task planner and monitors the production process. The media neutral content can be published to all channels.

Picture Suite

DC Picture Suite is an extension designed for photo editors. It offers the possibility to preselect, to zoom, to rank, to compare and to present images fast and easily.

Video Suite

DC’s Video suite manages and handles moving images. It allows one to search, stream and clip video content, and integrates keyframe selection. It also enables importing, tagging and exporting video content in different file formats.


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About DC-X

BrandMaster is the sole distributor of DC-X in Norway, a product developed by Digital Collections. Digital Collections is based in Hamburg (Germany).

Digital Collection was founded in 1991 and has over 180 customers worldwide.

(Source of information: https://www.digicol.com/products/dc-x/)

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