Employer Brand Management

Employee Equipment

Self-serviced web shop for employee items

Employer Brand Management

Employee Equipment

Self-serviced web shop for employee items

Brand Management solution
Brand Management solution

Style your employees with your brand

Set the standards for how you dress your employees and how your equipment is branded. Present and provide your items with Marketing Shop and offer direct ordering either from your stock or from local vendors.

Web shop for workwear



Structure your shop with categories and menus tailored to your needs and make it comprehensible for your employees.

Work smarter

Collect and present your items in context of an event or campaign for seamless ordering and workflow.

Effortless logistics

Connect your store to local vendors or printers and reduce costs related to shipping and freight.


Clear user interface guides your users through ensuring they collect all assets associated with the launch.


Bring your web shop to life by integrating capabilities from other BrandMaster applications.

Employer Brand Management Solutions

Code Of Conduct

Make sure your employees knows the rules on how to behave and act as an employee of your company.

Employee Branding

Make sure you unite your employees and your brand and make them valuable brand ambassadors.

Internal Communication

Establish integrity among your employees through unified communication.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Perform internal surveys, see response in real-time and perform analysis and evaluations all in one solution.

Internal Event Management

Plan and coordinate your internal events online for easy coordination and workflow.

Recruitment Ad Templates

Easy creation of correctly branded recruitment ads without involving designers.

Employee Image Gallery

Collect images and videos from internal events and share from one common platform.