Employer Brand Management

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Execute internal surveys with ease

Employer Brand Management

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Execute internal surveys with ease

Brand Management solution
Brand Management solution

Know what your employees think of their work place

Know that you are on target with your corporate values and employee branding strategies with Campaign Manager.

Get valuable insight about your employees, their motivation and engagement conducting employee satisfaction surveys and learn where to aim next.


Conditional follow-up

Create response e-mails based on answers provided in the questionnarie and tailor your follow up to each respondent.


Make sure your questions are valid with routing functionality.

Question types

Create surveys with multiple select-, radio button-, matrix questions and more.

Open or closed surveys

Create surveys available for anyone or invite participants using e-mail invitations.

Pre-made templates

Let your local teams create surveys based on pre-made survey templates.

Online graphs

View your survey results with online dynamic graphs.

Exportable Reports

Export the results to excel.

Real-time performance

Get in-depth insight of your execution in real-time and get in front of your performance.

Know your employees

Find out what motivates your employees and establish healthy corporate values.

Two-way communication

Listen and learn from your employees to know how to execute for improvement.

Engage your employees

Show that value your employee opinions. Satisfied employees reflect positively upon efficiency and productivity.

Anonymous surveys

Create surveys with the option of anonymity or identifiable respondents.


Allow yourself and your users reuse of survey templates for efficient and time-consuming workflow.


Detailed calendar view provides complete summary of your employee surveys worldwide.

Reach your employees

Reach your employees with precision and see the effect of your performance as they happen.


Tailor your surveys to your neeeds and conduct research using e-mail, phone or SMS.


Campaign Manager supports multiple languages for your convenience.

Employer Brand Management Solutions

Code Of Conduct

Make sure your employees knows the rules on how to behave and act as an employee of your company.

Employee Branding

Make sure you unite your employees and your brand and make them valuable brand ambassadors.

Internal Communication

Establish integrity among your employees through unified communication.

Internal Event Management

Plan and coordinate your internal events online for easy coordination and workflow.

Recruitment Ad Templates

Easy creation of correctly branded recruitment ads without involving designers.

Employee Image Gallery

Collect images and videos from internal events and share from one common platform.

Employee Equipment

Make available necessary employee equipment in a self-serviced online shop.