Employer Brand Management

Recruitment Advertisements

Create ad templates for online ad creation 

Employer Brand Management

Recruitment Advertisements

Create ad templates for online ad creation

Brand Management solution
Brand Management solution

Attract future employees with a strong brand

Empower human resources to create recruitment adverts with online templates and make sure your brand stays strong in any channel to any target group. Template Technology enables human resources to create advertisements with ease and comfort without compromzing your brand and your tone of voice.

Online template technology for powerful brand management


Recruiting advantage

Attract the right candidates by establishing a strong and consistent brand.

Position of strength

A strong brand makes your attractive and desirable among potential recruits.

Unified communication

Communicate the same messages about your brand to everyone in all languages.

Pre-made templates

Let your local marketing teams create activities based on pre-made activity templates.


Achieve brand synergies by aligning people strategy with brand strategy.

Shorten time-to-market

Reduce intermediaries, your users will have their material at hand the moment they need it.

Release resources

Reduce unnecessary workload by allowing your organization to create material locally.


Allow yourself and your users reuse of templates for efficient and time-consuming workflow.

Always updated

Avoid misunderstanding and use of outdated material with up to date templates.

Always available

Reduce e-mail requests and time zone challenges. Users will always have access.


Clear user interface guides your users through the advertisment design without requiring design skills.

Version control

Manage availability of your assets with expiration- and valid dates for efficient use ad maintenance.

WYSIWYG editor

See changes immidiately with our WYSIWYG editor and make sure what you see is what you get.

Agency collaboration

Invite agencies to download or upload templates directly for seamless workflow.

Employer Brand Management Solutions

Code Of Conduct

Make sure your employees knows the rules on how to behave and act as an employee of your company.

Employee Branding

Make sure you unite your employees and your brand and make them valuable brand ambassadors.

Internal Communication

Establish integrity among your employees through unified communication.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Perform internal surveys, see response in real-time and perform analysis and evaluations all in one solution.

Internal Event Management

Plan and coordinate your internal events online for easy coordination and workflow.

Employee Image Gallery

Collect images and videos from internal events and share from one common platform.

Employee Equipment

Make available necessary employee equipment in a self-serviced online shop.