Survey Management

Get invaluable insights
fast & easy

Get feedback from customers and employees.
Track responses in real-time and get the insight you need.

Surveys are a powerful tool to gather information and feedback from employees and customers. With our easy to use questionnaire builder anyone can create powerful questionnaires. With the Campaign Manager, you get everything you need to plan, coordinate and execute professional surveys.


Plan and prepare for your survey

Find the perfect timing with an online marketing calendar and set up your survey from scratch or from a predefined template. Easily build advanced questionnaires with drag & drop. Questionnaires can contain conditions, routing, page breaks and intro text to each question. Select from multiple question types: Matrix, Dropdown menu, Checkbox, Radio button and free-text. Add extra pages with information if needed. Connect templates for email and landing page for an on-brand experience.


Open or private – it’s your choice

Host private surveys or invite anyone to participate through open registration. Promote your surveys by SMS and email, or share surveys through your website or social media. Direct, scheduled and condition based communication lets you predefine the entire communication cycle. Landing pages are responsive and look great on any device. See real-time reporting on answers and statistics from communication and landing page.


See results – in real-time

See how surveys perform in real-time. Track email opens & clicks, landing page performance and answers by question or respondent. Answers can either be presented anonymously or with respondent data. Get in-depth knowledge from visual graphs and diagrams. Answers can easily be exported for further exploration. You are in control every step of the way. Stop guessing and get the insight you are looking for.

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Ready to transform the way you work?

Campaign Manager

Plan and execute marketing activities

Many marketers still plan their marketing activities using tools meant for other tasks like scheduling meetings or creating spreadsheets. See, manage and execute both global and local marketing activities in one centralized system – whether it’s individual activities like events, email campaigns and surveys, or global campaigns.

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Integrations & API

Connect to your CRM system

Connect with your CRM system to sync contacts and loyalty groups automatically. Ensure correct and updated target groups. Our Developer API and Plugin framework makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications and services.

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