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Marketing management solution with Campaign Manager
Marketing management solution with Campaign Manager

Internal communication

Establish unified communication and achieve integrity among your employees

Connect with your employees

Create reliable and trustworthy communication with your employees to stay in touch and keep them informed. Use Campaign Manager to create beautiful newsletters, e-mails and SMS communication for dependable information flow.

High-quality internal communication practises builds company sincerity and strong employee affiliation which reflects upon your brand identity.


Unified communication

Communicate the same messages about your company all employees in all languages.

Customized communication

Tailor your communication to single departments, offices, stores and more using templates and coordinate timing as you require

Always available

Reduce e-mail requests and time zone challenges. Users will always have access.

Always updated

Avoid your messages evolving without your control, communicate from one place.

Work smarter

Update or create content on the fly and communicate changes effectively.

Pre-made templates

Let your local marketing teams create activities based on pre-made activity templates.

Reach your employees

Reach your employees with precision and see the effect of your performance as they happen.


Bring your communiation to life by integrating capabilities from other BrandMaster applications.

HR Management Solutions

Code Of Conduct

Make sure your employees knows the rules on how to behave and act as an employee of your company.

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Employee Branding

Make sure you unite your employees and your brand and make them valuable brand ambassadors.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Perform internal surveys, see response in real-time and perform analysis and evaluations all in one solution.

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Internal Event Management

Plan and coordinate your internal events online for easy coordination and workflow.

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Recruitment Ad Templates

Easy creation of correctly branded recruitment ads without involving designers.

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Employee Image Gallery

Collect images and videos from internal events and share from one common platform.

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Employee Equipment

Make available necessary employee equipment in a self-serviced online shop.

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