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Online marketing management

For Marketing Managers, our products are designed to provide an advanced and dynamic digital solution, offering marketing management with marketing automation.

Our products enable marketing managers to present all communication, activities, campaigns, events and associated content in one place enabling sharing across your entire organization and associates.

Manage your marketing online and achieve complete control of past, present and future marketing activities. Know where your marketing expenses are spent and tailor your communication and activities for the optimal results.

Key benefits

All in one place


Always updated

Central control, adapt locally


Always available

Real time monitoring

Online marketing management for marketing automation

Marketing Management Solutions

Marketing Communication

Ensure unified marketing communcation both internally and externally to any target group through one central location with Brand Center.

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Marketing Calendar

Bring your marketing activities online with Campaign Manager and get the complete overview you need while letting everyone in your organization know your plans.

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Campaign Management

Organize and structure your marketing campaigns online. Make sure both you and your organization knows what is planned and include others as you need.

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Event Management

Plan and coordinate your events online. Ensure effortless coordination and overview of all events happening in your organization for efficient event management.

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Plan and execute market research and obtain market and customer knowledge.

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Marketing Material Creation

Make your marketing material available for local adjustments and creations without compromizing your brand identity and layout rules.

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Marketing Material Sharing

Share and distribute ready-made marketing material for any target group in any location. Make sure your users always have ease of access to the material they need.

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Online Ordering

Connect your digital assets to Marketing Shop and create automated and seamless processes for printing, ordering and distributing your assets.

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