Awarded with four Midas Awards 2018

Superunion, a valuable collaborator of BrandMaster throughout several projects, has yet again proven their cleverness.

Midas Awards 2018 awarded Superunion with four awards in the craft and use of discipline categories, including gold, for their creative work with the Yunar brand.

What is Yunar?

In November 2018, Deutsche Bank launched their new app, Yunar, and aims to accelerate the launch of digital innovations which go beyond the traditional banking business. Yunar is part of the Private & Commercial Bank’s new “Digital Ventures” unit, where the offerings for new client groups and markets will be bundled in future. One of its tasks is to rapidly develop the bank’s digital platform.

The Yunar brand exist as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, with its own IT and staff. Yunar is initially targeting a digital savvy demographic which traditional banks now find difficult to turn into regular customers.

The birth of the Yunar brand

The creation and development of the Yunar brand was completed with the support and expertise of Superunion creative branding agency in Germany.

Superunion has throughout the years received many awards for their accomplishment and is today the world’s most consistently awarded brand agency.

Superunion Germany entered the Midas Awards 2018 with their creative work from the Yunar brand and the title, ”Turn something boring into something happy” and won four awards, gold and silver. Being an award-winning brand agency, Superunion took the Yunar brand, and made it a happy brand with colourful and creative ideas, designs and illustrations.

Introducing and communicating a new brand

With Yunar being a new brand, Superunion Germany needed to assure 100% delivery of brand purpose and mission, ensuring everyone conceived, used and communicated the brand as intended. Superunion UK already had reliable experience with BrandMaster through other clients and when Yunar chose this path, BrandMaster was a natural choice.

“We are proud to have the Yunar brand in our portfolio. Their brand book reflects the brand perfectly and covers a complete communication and branding platform for everyone working with Yunar. Our cooperation with Superunion has been enjoyable and rewarding. Along with our designers, our clients brand books become first-class, says Ola Norrman, International Sales Manager at BrandMaster.

About Superunion

We’re creative experts. But we’re also experts in partnership, because that’s what it takes to apply creativity successfully to business problems. 

Superunion is a global brand agency combining high-level business understanding and wide-ranging capabilities with a deeply held optimism about the power of creativity to improve the future of people and organisations.

Superunion consists of 750 people in 23 offices and 18 countries. Their skills, experience and backgrounds are diverse, but they are all united by their passion to deliver the very best work for their clients every day.

About Midas Award

Founded in 2001, the Midas Awards® is the only competition to recognize excellence in financial advertising and marketing on a global scale, honouring the World’s Best Financial Advertising℠ in banking, brokerage, insurance, mutual funds, credit cards, real estate, accounting, and consulting. The competition invites entries in four specific categories: Products & Services, Craft, Use of Medium, and Use of Discipline.