Have you ever had the need to quickly create a web ad, only to find out it will take weeks before you get the finished file back from your professional partner? With the way marketing is going time-to-market gets more and more important – getting your message out in the right media at the right time and before your competitors is crucial!

Well, there’s good news: creating a web ad doesn’t have to be that hard. With the right template and tools at your disposal, you could easily create an engaging, visual web ad with animations and click tag – all without fancy design programs or hiring contractors.

Flexible templates makes creating multiple formats easy

Creating templates for every single web banner size can be tedious. Our unique template technology makes it easy to create flexible templates. You can easily create templates that is flexible – spanning the sizes of several online display ads!

Make your online banner ads come alive with animations

Getting your customers attention can be hard. The internet is full of information, and making your message stand out can seem almost impossible. By including subtle animations you make your web ad come to live. This can be the small trick that’s get you the attention you deserve. Make objects appear from the side of your ad, fade in or out and a lot more!

Define the correct click tag for your call to action before you send your ad

Have you ever found out that the click tag for your advertisement is wrong when the display ad is live? Call to action is the most important part of your online display ad – leading your potential customer directly to your preferred landing page. Getting the click tag correct is crucial. By including this directly in the web ad instead of relying on someone to input this manually you ensure that no lead is lost!

Size matters – at least in web advertisement

More and more advertisement providers include strict limits on how big your Flash or HTML5 banner ad can be. The problem is that there is no general rule, one provider might have a stricter limit than others. Easily choose your size limit before you send your ad away. This way you ensure that your display ad meets the criteria of your desired media without compressing your images unnecessary!

Download or send every format with one click

The advertisement landscape has evolved immensely the last few years with more and more devices going online. This has created the need to deliver multiple file formats for every single web ad. For mobile devices HTML5 or GIF is crucial to ensure low bandwidth usage and that the ad is displayed properly. On desktop computers and digital signage you can use Flash (SWF). We make it easy to download or send every format with one click – including fallback images in PNG and JPG. We even include a index file that shows every file type with preview, file size and filename!

Want to create your own web ads this easy?

Contact us for a free demo with your own marketing material and see how great your web ads can look!

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